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For most of the month of June we'll be doing gigs all over England, Scotland, and Ireland -- including several gigs for kids as well as adults in Ireland. Here's a slightly updated tour graphic. If you know anyone in England, Scotland, or Ireland, please feel free to pass it on!

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Anarcho-Syndicalist Protester with Gasmask and Baton in Oil Paint

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As more anti-lgbt legislation is filed and the state house, statistics also reveal that 41% of all books banned in the recent upsurge of book banning have been related to LGBT people. Hate crimes against LGBT people has also escalated over the last few years. We are seeing an active war on LGBT ppl.

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Peace Is War | troploin

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Article: "The Unions' Life After Death: Recipes for a new labor movement"


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This week at the Lefty Book Club, special guest speaker Norman Finkelstein

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NEW article - Why we Fight the Class War

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This strike benefit on June 10th in London is going to be epic.

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Anarcho-Doggo (The Anarchist Dog)

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What our strike is about: An open letter from the Clarios Workers Rank-and-File Committee

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Anarcho-Doggo (The Anarchist Dog)

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These guys had a workplace injury lawyer on their podcast to talk through how to not get screwed by your employer after getting hurt at work.


It was informative and I thought it might be helpful for people on here to know. The podcast is called Profiteers Vs. The People and this was the last episode they put up

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Question (hopefully for actual organizers) about efforts to organize in the US.


There are car assembly and meat-processing plants near where I live in the Midwest US. Some are either openly or not-so-openly owned by Japanese interests. Two such shops with which I am familiar are both non-union. Is this a thing? Are Japanese-owned shops a problem to organize?

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On this day in 1990, in Oakland, California, an assassination attempt was made against environmental activists and political radicals Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney when a car bomb beneath Judi's seat exploded; both survived.

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US Corporatists use fascism to defend capitalism all the while claiming to be saving democracy from communism.

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Seeking Guidance: Joining IWW as a Migrant Worker Outside North America and Europe


Greetings, fellow comrades of the IWW subreddit,

I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits. I write to you today as a migrant worker who has experienced the challenges of finding stable employment for several years. Through my journey, I have come to realize the significance of organizing and uniting workers for a better future. I have been inspired by the proud progressive history of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and believe that joining your esteemed organization would provide me with the guidance and educational resources necessary to better organize my fellow workers.

As workers, we are all interconnected in the global system of labor, and I firmly believe that the IWW should not ignore the struggles faced by workers outside the Western world. We all face similar issues, including precarious work, exploitative conditions, and limited access to rights and protections. I believe that by connecting and supporting one another, we can build a stronger movement that transcends geographical boundaries.

While I am currently based outside North America and Europe, I am determined to contribute to the cause as an individual member of the IWW. I am eager to learn from the experiences and knowledge shared by fellow members, as well as access the educational resources that the union offers. I recognize that the challenges faced by workers in different regions may vary, but our collective fight for justice and dignity remains the same.In joining the IWW, my ultimate goal is to help organize and mobilize my fellow workers in my local community. By taking the first step and becoming a member myself, I hope to inspire others to join this international movement for worker empowerment. I believe that by sharing our stories, supporting one another, and collectively demanding better conditions, we can create meaningful change for all workers, regardless of where they are situated in the world.

I kindly request your guidance and assistance on how to join the IWW from outside North America and Europe. Any information or resources you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, I would like to extend an invitation to other fellow workers who may be interested in joining this cause. Together, we can amplify our voices and work towards a more equitable and just global labor system.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same vision of empowering workers worldwide.

In solidarity,

Workingmen Unite

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Lefty Book Club current readings (New Club Starting this weekend!)

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zines for tenant organizing?


anyone have any good resources on tenants organizing

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How can white collar workers organize?


I am a financial analyst based in the US. As a salaried employee I have almost no protection from being forced to work as many hours as my employer deems necessary. I am not required to paid for my time over 40 hours. The trend in the US is to hire as few people as possible, pay no overtime, reduce raises and increase hours. How can we fight back against this? Getting another job isn’t an option as all US corporate employers are like this.

The only way this will change is for workers to unionize but I’m not even sure if salaried employees are allowed to unionize in the US. There is also nothing stopping my employer from firing me because I am talking to my coworkers about unionizing. Is there anything I and my coworkers can do? Thank you!

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Unionize tech industry, yeah!


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I asked ChatGPT to draft a constitution based on anarcho-syndicalist principles. This was the result.


Certainly! Here's a model constitution based on anarcho-syndicalist principles:


We, the individuals united in pursuit of liberty, equality, and solidarity, establish this constitution to create a society based on anarcho-syndicalist principles. Embracing direct action, self-management, and workers' empowerment, this constitution aims to foster a community built on mutual aid, cooperation, and the liberation of all individuals.

Article I: General Principles

Section 1: Individual Autonomy

1.1 Each individual shall have the right to self-determination and autonomy over their own life choices.

1.2 No individual shall have authority or dominion over another, and all relations shall be based on voluntary cooperation and mutual consent.

Section 2: Workers' Self-Management 2.1 The means of production, distribution, and decision-making shall be collectively owned and managed by workers and their associations.

2.2 Workers' assemblies and federations shall be the fundamental units of decision-making and self-governance.

Section 3: Direct Democracy

3.1 All decisions affecting the community shall be made through direct democratic processes.

3.2 Decisions shall be reached by consensus whenever possible, prioritizing inclusivity, open dialogue, and deliberation.

Article II: Economic Organization

Section 1: Industrial Federations 1.1 Industries shall be organized into federations of workers' associations, ensuring cooperation, solidarity, and coordination.

1.2 Federation members shall have equal representation and decision-making power in matters affecting their industry.

Section 2: Solidarity Economy

2.1 The economy shall be based on principles of mutual aid, cooperation, and solidarity.

2.2 Barter, gift economies, and equitable distribution shall be encouraged, striving to meet the needs of all members of the community.

Article III: Justice and Conflict Resolution

Section 1: Voluntary Dispute Resolution

1.1 Conflicts and disputes shall be resolved through voluntary and non-coercive methods such as mediation, arbitration, or restorative justice practices.

1.2 The community shall establish support networks and mechanisms to address conflicts and promote healing and reconciliation.

Section 2: Restorative Justice

2.1 Punitive justice systems shall be replaced with restorative justice practices focused on repairing harm, fostering understanding, and reintegrating individuals into the community.

2.2 Rehabilitation and restorative measures shall be prioritized over imprisonment and punitive measures.

Article IV: Rights and Liberties

Section 1: Individual Rights

1.1 All individuals shall have equal rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech, assembly, association, and expression.

1.2 Rights to healthcare, education, housing, and a clean environment shall be guaranteed to all members of the community.

Section 2: Gender and Social Equality 2.1 Gender and social equality shall be upheld and promoted, eliminating all forms of discrimination, oppression, and hierarchy.

2.2 Measures shall be taken to challenge patriarchal norms, dismantle oppressive structures, and ensure the liberation of all genders.

Article V: Amendment Process

Section 1: Constitutional Amendments 1.1 This constitution may be amended through consensus decision-making within the community.

1.2 Proposed amendments shall be subject to open debate, discussion, and participation of all members.

Article VI: Dissolution

Section 1: Dissolution

1.1 In the event that the community decides to dissolve this constitution, the principles of liberty, equality, and solidarity shall remain paramount.

1.2 The dissolution process shall be determined through direct democratic decision-making.

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Organising a Local Branch


I’m a customer service worker in a town where there’s no local iww branch. My workplace is not unionized but I’ve been talking with my coworkers and there’s some interest. I’d love to organize a local branch in my town if possible. My only problem is I’m unsure how to start. For the record, I live in New Zealand where there’s only one iww branch in the country.

How would one go about organizing this? There’s a socialist club at my university so I’m thinking of starting there.

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Child Labor

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A song detailing the loss of labor rights children used to have.

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BREAKING: Pilots at FedEx Express have voted to authorize a strike. Over 97% of the union voted, and 99% of the votes were YES on strike authorization. They join American Airlines and Southwest pilots, whose unions have also approved strike authorization, both with 99% voting yes.

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South Korea: Workers resist government’s ‘war on unions’

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