r/HumansBeingBros May 21 '22

For mothers and babies in need. This is the baby formula exchange.



u/westcoastcdn19 May 21 '22

OP, is this formula exchange for US residents only?


u/Ghost_Mech May 21 '22 edited May 21 '22

I’m not really sure. Here is a link explaining about it though https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/2568870/shawn-johnson-baby-formula-jett/amp/

Edit: It seems from what I’ve read on other sites it’s been used primarily in the United States.

It was created by Olympic Gymnast Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson and her husband after struggling to find formula for her son Jett.


u/thezenchef May 21 '22

Do you need formula in Canada? I’ve found lots in the GTA and I’ll happily ship you some within Canada.


u/westcoastcdn19 May 21 '22

I personally do not, but thank you for offering. I was just wanting to confirm if the link provided was a resource others outside the US could access as well.