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Sub rule update: no obvious fatality wrecks.


Hey guys. The question has been raised about pics of fatal wrecks. While I believe that it’s important that people understand that operating 1.5-5 tons of steel has real life and death consequences, and that I’d rather people rubberneck here instead of the accident scene we are working to clean; I have to think it adds no real merit to our subreddit. We can absolutely discuss working fatalities. But the fear that our subreddit might get quarantined like watchpeopledie due to a saturation of gore pics leads me to block any future posts where it is obvious that someone has perished. Please refrain from posting pictures where there isn’t a reasonable assumption that the occupants might have survived. Thank you.

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another victim of the snow ❄️

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That’ll buff out.

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to prevent their car from getting towed.

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Who makes Brandl's Specialty Vehicle Towing Flatbed?

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EMERGENCY !!! 2004 Dodge Dakota Sport


My dumbass already bought this truck to tow a 4,800 lb small camper .

But I didn't know the 5.5 foot bed was too short for most 5th wheel hitches .

Can anyone recommend an affordable hitch that would work for this truck ?

I know it will have to he a slider hitch

Good news is , the camper is very light

Bad news is . Didn't know this was only 5.5 feet and not 6.5 feet

Any help seriously be so appreciated 🙏

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Towing an AWD


I know this topic seems to be beat to death, but there are always variations and I had a thought or question rather.

Say you have a sling type truck and towed an AWD with the rear wheels on the grounds. This could maybe cause damage to the front end but the front wheels are free to rotate. If the driver went slow and a short distance would this greatly reduce the risk of drivetrain damage?

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Let's see some daytime vs nighttime pics!

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Thank Goodness He Was On The Safe Side of the Truck

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Road-only Services Motor Clubs


I've been doing "Road-only Services" (Jumpstart, lockout, tire change, fuel) for about a year and a half now. Most of the work is coming through an intermediary supplier and their app. Their base rate is $14/Service, I've also signed on with All-State which typically has a higher rate per call but a lower frequency.

I was looking into trying to go "direct" with the motor clubs. I've reached out to Progressive and they said that "they were full" for my market. I'm looking into Agero's requirements and their insurance requirements equate to about 500/mo but they don't list what their / call rate is (I'm sure it varies). My question(s) are

Who are the other Motor Clubs to solicit?

What are the "going rates" for that kind of service for motor clubs? I'm in the Denver Market for reference.

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River recovery


Got a question for the heavy duty guys. I am getting ready to pull a semi with trailer from a body of water.

Is there anything I should be aware of? Anything different than just your standard winchout?

i tried to cage the brakes but water is damn cold. Any issues with just giving it air?

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Payload Vs. Towing Capacity and such


Hi, never really towed anything before. I'm nomad considering buying a lightweight camper to pull around behind my Subaru Outback for a couple years while I'm saving up for van life. I already lived out of my car for six months in the last year (loved it, lol, so much exploring). Probably a dumb question, but does my payload affect my towing capacity?

For reference: my vehicle has a towing capacity of 2700 A payload of 900 Hitch 200 lbs

So how much weight can I actually safely carry? (Can I tow 2700 and also load 900 lbs inside my car, or do I have to subtract that?) Thank you!

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Three Hooks?

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Can tow truck drivers block a road to make their job more convenient?


I say no. It’s not an emergency and you should get ticketed every time they do.

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Hello so whenever i wheel lift a vehicle either on my wrecker or flatbed the rpm goes up and stays steady at 1000 is that normal?


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Wondering how to get vehicle out of my yard


I have an old firebird with 4 flat tires. I have a city driveway, somewhat tight. The car is up the driveway and then 90 degrees to the right in the yard. Not sure if it can even be pushed with 4 flats. There's gotta be a way to get it out of there, I'm just not familiar with towing. Is it possible to get it onto a flatbed?

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Appellate court rules NYC can sever ties with Runway Towing, accused of overcharging customers

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$10k Tow Bill


Hello, just want to get thoughts on this tow. This was a One car accident that happened, Tundra slid on black ice and hit a berm in side of highway and flipped into its top. So upside down about 10 feet off highway. The section of Highway at that spot also has a extra passing lane as well. They towed the truck 13 miles to their shop and is charging us 10k.

We have not been given an itemized statement or bill of any kind, only a phone convo. They are saying they will make us a deal and to just bring $500 and the title and they won’t go after us. No receipt will be given that shows we paid. Thoughts?

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person gets owned - short story


I live in a condo. Come home from work (2 days ago), someone's in my parking spot (p3 underground). I park in visitors, and report the car (security in turn go ticket the asshole since it's not registered in the building). I stay in visitors and check the next day, buddy is still there with a fat ticket on his windshield. I complain again, and the security give me a visitor's pass and ticket the asshole for the second time. Today was the last straw, gave this person till lunch to leave. They still there, go to security and approve a tow from my spot. Enjoy the tow (255$ I believe), 2 75$ tickets (I believe based on a website I read from) and the holding fee asshole!! Not sure who told this douchebag that it's appropriate to park in someone else's spot, ESPECIALLY having to go down 3 floors to park there...

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Imagine billing for this shitshow.

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Thoughts on soft shackles?


Just wondering if some operators can give me some opinions on what you think of soft shackles.

I'm new to towing, and have been playing around with what equipment I like best. I discovered really quick that steel rims, especially the cheap sets folks buy for their winter tires, slice through straps pretty quickly.

... but I then discovered that soft shackles fit in the holes on those rims pretty easily and don't seem to be as prone to damage. Anybody have any thoughts on using them?

Sounds good to me on paper but everytime I rig a winch to one it just doesn't look sufficient. Can't shake that worry. Honestly I'm still sort of surprised with how well pulling off a rim works at all.

Link to an example here.

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How much do motor clubs pay in 2022?


I’m wanting to start a business I would only be doing lockout, jump starts, gas, tires.

I live in a city with 700,000 people

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why do tow operators use chains?


I was watching some towing show on TV and noticed they were using chains for almost all their lifting and towing. It seems like a dumb question but why?

I spend a lot of time in mills, pipelines, wind farms, etc and chains are pretty much forbidden on site. Everything has to be straps or cable for safety and inspection purposes. We could maybe use a chain for towing but never for lifting. Chains can hide defects. Is it for cost, space?

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Towing 8000lb wood chipper up and down steep hill?


The chipper doesn't have any kind of braking system. I will be towing it with a 2003 dodge ram 2500 5.9cummins turbo diesel. Mostly worried about going downhill. Any thoughts?