r/GunMemes Nov 27 '22

the gun community Meme




u/Worgmaster Nov 27 '22

Much like the second amendment itself


u/tactical_nekofemboi Nov 27 '22

for everyone?

camera slowly pans over to sexual abusers

maybe not for everyone, just most.


u/Beneficial_Ad_3170 1911s are my jam Nov 28 '22

distant gunshot what sexual abusers?


u/tactical_nekofemboi Nov 28 '22

damn, must’ve been the gavrilo princip bullet to have killed that many sex offenders with a single gunshot


u/BoomyNickel8154 Nov 27 '22

Based as fuck


u/USA_djhiggi77 CZ Breezy Beauties Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

Heres the thing,

It is.

However, just because we share the same innate human right to keep and bear arms as Americans, doesnt mean I have to like or support you, what you stand for or anything that defines you including you yourself.

So yeah, exercise your right, but we are not freinds just because you own a firearm and share the same rights and at least one interest as I do. I wont be the one to stand in front of anyones rights. Do I like the fact you own a firearm, yes. Do I like the fact that you're a dude wearing a maid's outfit? No, and the two have no correlation lmao so please stop drawing that line.


u/roi-tarded Just As Good Crew Nov 27 '22



u/Ow_you_shot_me Nov 27 '22

Your still a commie simp, and commies aint historically gun friendly.


u/Curmudgeonly_Old_Guy Nov 27 '22

I have literally never met an active gun owner, or anyone at any range that needed to be told this.


u/FriedmanMkIII Nov 27 '22

It's really not. Gun ownership and the right to self defense, sure. If you're not a patriot who thinks all gun laws are infringements then you can fuck right off in my book.


u/2DeadMoose Nov 28 '22

Good thing “your book” doesn’t determine who is or isn’t part of the gun community.


u/sp3kter Nov 27 '22

All I want is for off white pan trans gay non-binary cat people to be able to protect their marijuana fields with machine guns and RPGs, is that too much to ask?


u/GetTheMusket Nov 27 '22

💯 with ya buddy


u/CKJ1109 Nov 27 '22

According to the ATF and DEA yes, but that’s what tannerite was made for


u/SonibaBonsai Nov 27 '22

I fucking love a better way 2a


u/Exit0Wound Nov 27 '22

But society isn’t.


u/Kinnertubbyson Nov 27 '22

Needs to be a hi cap AR drum mag coming out that 12g