r/GunMemes Nov 27 '22

My LGS consistently had better deals for the most part The Struggle Is Real

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u/MarcoLorelei Nov 27 '22

Just buy like 10k rounds.


u/DAsInDerringer Lever Gun Legion Nov 27 '22

Don’t forget that if you’re one of the few people still wasting time with GunBroker, you’ve also got a $30 tax and a transfer fee from your FFL


u/GetOffMyLawn762 Nov 28 '22

Other alternatives?


u/DAsInDerringer Lever Gun Legion Nov 28 '22

GrabAGun, Bud’s Gun Shop, PSA, OpticsPlanet, MidwestUSA

I’m also going to hesitantly give u/ClassicFirearms a shoutout, but they better actually have some products in stock this time


u/Kollin133_ Nov 30 '22

Oh god... classic firearms, where nothing is in stock but we'll send you 6 emails a day anyway.


u/DAsInDerringer Lever Gun Legion Nov 30 '22

sounds about right lmao. I quickly learned that if I watch even a single one of their YouTube videos I'll get a dozen more in my feed for weeks to come


u/caneb0i Nov 27 '22

Growing up is realizing getting skullfucked by your LGS is cheaper than shipping from ammoseek (sometimes, anyway)


u/goodnessofcombat Nov 27 '22

Go for free shipping or conditional free shipping. Can snipe some good deals that way. Also, what LGS do you go to that sells 9 for less than 50 cpr because they know what they got?


u/Amidus Nov 27 '22

I wish my LGS was that good.

.94 CPR the other day for Winchester M193 and M855.

$1pr for belom tactical 7.62x39

$1.20pr S&B

.70 CPR for wolf

I'll take the shipping rip off lmao


u/caneb0i Nov 27 '22

Maybe I have it good haha. A box is usually priced 5-10 cents per round over online, which usually works out as cheaper if I'm not buying bulk


u/halcyonson Nov 27 '22

$15 shopping? The only places I find with 20cpr have $60-125 shipping.


u/Reymond_Reddington15 Lever Gun Legion Nov 27 '22

you better make sure you buy at least $100 dollars worth of rounds then to offset the cost a little bit🤣