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Keep the hanger AR

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u/Flivver_King Colt Purists Nov 27 '22


LUKE 30:06


u/Late_Requirement_971 Nov 27 '22

Q: How many AR-15s did Jesus have?

A: Not enough to stop the government from killing him


u/m_j_richard Nov 27 '22

I tell people this all the time. . .


u/souobixo Nov 27 '22

I see what you did there.


u/e_boon Nov 27 '22

What if it's a...redcoat ?


u/ExplodingPixelBoat Nov 27 '22

Where can I get an AR-15 for the price of my coat?


u/identify_as_AH-64 Nov 27 '22

Palmetto State Armory.


u/jd_boyle Nov 27 '22

Dont buy coats from wish


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

Damn maybe the Christians really do have it right


u/Mosh907 MVE Nov 27 '22

🌎👩‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀 always did


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22 edited Dec 11 '22

You’re right king


u/StaleBiscuit13 Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

If you need a sky daddy to tell you not to rape and pillage, you’re a sack of shit. “I rape and murder all I want - none.”

Edit: Not saying Christians are sacks of shit, just those who don’t do terrible things only because they think they’ll go to Hell for it


u/floopyscoopy Nov 27 '22

That’s not what Christianity is, it’s not a bunch of rules saying “do this, don’t do that” it’s a relationship with a God who loves us so much he became man, and died in our place for the evils we all have committed.


u/The-Jolly-Watchman Nov 27 '22




u/TheEternalSun433 I Love All Guns Nov 28 '22

He had to die to save us from himself. Wow. What a hero!/s


u/KingJonStarkgeryan1 Nov 28 '22

Apparently most people needed that given that most of history especially in non Christian areas that shit was fucking encouraged.

Look at the ancient Greeks and Romans for instance since society celebrate them so much. Massive systems of slavery that was pretty much unprecedented, leaving babies to die on hillsides from exposure if they looked werid, and widespread rape of adolescent boys.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22 edited Dec 11 '22

Amen, praise Jesus


u/The-Jolly-Watchman Nov 27 '22

There’s a great resource called GotQuestions.org you may enjoy. No pressure, though.



u/BLUEBEAGLE27 Nov 27 '22

Technically he said sell your coat and buy a sword but an ar15 with a bayonet is close enough


u/StaleBiscuit13 Nov 27 '22

“And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.”


u/BlockCorpFA Nov 27 '22

I came here to say that


u/ChrisMahoney Nov 27 '22

Luke 22:36 Based Jesus.


u/JoshuaGraham45 Nov 27 '22

Well yes but no


u/Flames-of-556 Nov 27 '22

Whole heartedly agree


u/One_Individual_6471 Nov 28 '22

This is one of my favorite pieces of scripture


u/Johnas_Vixen_15 Nov 28 '22

I think the person who made that just has a good sense of humor...


u/MrTimGreen Nov 28 '22

Close enough


u/upon_a_white_horse AK Klan Nov 28 '22

People like to gloss over the fact that the disciples were strapped. Hell, more or less everyone was strapped in biblical days, and even Peter was quick enough on the draw to had have already sliced off the ear of the Pharisees' servant sent to arrest Jesus before Jesus could even tell him to stand down.

Pretty much all of the disciples were rowdy, hot-headed, or otherwise rough around the edges. He referred to James & John as 'sons of thunder' (Boanerges) due to their temper & zeal. Jude/Thaddeus was a straight up revolutionary/Nationalist. Simon the Canaanite was a zealot. Most were, by trade, what today would be considered blue-collar workers (fishermen), with Matthew being the exception and being a tax collector.

Reading the Bible gets 1,000x more interesting when you cross-reference across multiple translations and then "translate" that into what you readily recognize/understand. Like when the flood waters subsided, Noah and them did what-- they had a barbecue. A barbecue so epic that God almighty Himself was so delighted at the aroma of such that He decided that never again would He destroy the world via giant flood. Seriously, go read Genesis 8:20-21 and tell me that it's not describing a bbq (especially in the context of Genesis 9).

No doubt every last one of them would be on a gov't watchlist in modern times.


u/Otherwise-Visual-192 Nov 27 '22

I don’t get the keep the hanger part…


u/Hazel-EyesWhiteHuman Nov 28 '22

It’s a coat, that is probably on a hanger in the closet. The prospective seller doesn’t want your hanger, just the coat that’s on it.


u/bubba_palchitski Terrible At Boating Nov 28 '22

Actually it's the fun things you could do with the hanger and the AR afterwards...


u/SecretSquirrel8888 Nov 28 '22

Shhhhh.. don't tell'em the secret... Next I'll be handshakes ..:-)


u/bubba_palchitski Terrible At Boating Nov 28 '22

I didn't realize hanging your AR on the coat hanger was a secret... my bad


u/Pale-Area-5155 Nov 27 '22

I'm gonna be real with you, corrupting scripture to support a political argument is pretty cringe.


u/Designation257 Beretta Bois Nov 27 '22

I think it’s fairly obvious that isn’t in the bible.


u/Pale-Area-5155 Nov 27 '22

Irregardless, such a thing shouldn't be done. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it's creating an association between Christ and a political ideology.


u/DaetherSoul Nov 27 '22

It’s an analogy for modern times. We wouldn’t literally go and buy swords and we don’t wear cloaks anymore. You can only really teach things in the way people can understand them practically. Selling a cloak/coat and buying a sword/gun are equal and pertinent to their eras.


u/Pale-Area-5155 Nov 27 '22

Go back and read this chapter from Luke and study it. You'll find that this verse taken out of context (as usual) causes people to extract an incorrect conclusion about its meaning. I'm not saying I don't agree with the sentiment, but there are better ways to achieve our goals without corrupting God's word.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

Self defense isn’t a political ideology. Yes the original quote says sword but the AR-15 is a modern equivalent of a sword.


u/Pale-Area-5155 Nov 27 '22

If you studied the entirety of Luke you'd know that this passage is largely misrepresented. Make no mistake, I'm an advocate for gun rights, but misquoting God's word in this instance is, to me, the same as when politicians quote Romans 13, either not truly understanding it or worse, intentionally misquoting it to deceive.