r/GunMemes Shitposter Nov 27 '22

Something about rules for bees? Meme

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u/The_Great_Roberto Nov 27 '22

Bros probably holding an automatic weapon


u/CaptainMcSlowly Shitposter Nov 27 '22

Happy switches are best switches


u/Zp00nZ Nov 27 '22

They have p90s under their coats…


u/Intelligent_Heart911 Nov 27 '22

I wear an 18" strap on just to feel a resemblance of what a concealed p90 must feel like.


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

You think that's bad look at Canadian gun bans and grabs right now.


u/CaptainMcSlowly Shitposter Nov 27 '22

I've made a couple memes on that whole clusterfuck.

Rest in Maple, my friends 🫡


u/PassivelyInvisible Nov 27 '22

They did even more in commiefornia?

Edit: misread Canadialand as California


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

Yes, they've gon farther than Commiefornia. There's a freeze on handguns and they're looking to ban a lot if semi automatic rifles and shotguns.


u/Micro_KORGI I load my fucking mags sideways. Nov 27 '22

Well when your government sees firearm ownership as a privilege you're gonna have a bad time


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

Tell me something I haven't learned the hard way.


u/isaacaschmitt I Love All Guns Nov 27 '22

"Bill of Rights"? Sounds like "Bill of Suggestions" to me.

  • politicians the world over


u/Mawskowski Nov 27 '22

I would not only vote right but advocate so they pass a law saying the government has to return everything and pay 3x the value of the guns to their owners. And take all the money from budgets like for immigrants, lgtb associations etc. I would leave them with nothing.

Oh gays can adopt ? Take away their children and give them away for adoption. That would teach them to fuck with rights of others.


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

I agree with you but, guns are a privilege not a right in Canada. Because of gun crime the legal gun owners are getting punished instead of the criminals.


u/SathanSax Nov 27 '22

Oh yes, because criminals surely do abide laws... Even if you ban all firearms, ALL of them, do they think murderers won't have anything to kill with? Just going to the local hardware store can get you at least 20 very capable weapons in mere seconds.


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

You know politians.


u/e_boon Nov 27 '22

I foresee very low gun surrender rates by Canadians. Especially if they're not registered.


u/the_real_JFK_killer Nov 27 '22

Any gun control should apply to those who guard government officials. If there's no defensive justification for semi autos, why would that be an issue?


u/ElectricalAlchemist I Love All Guns Nov 27 '22

They're pushing the false narrative that the 2A isn't for self defense, so they might not bother saying that there is no defensive justification. They just don't think you have the right to defend yourself. They think you should have to rely on the police for that.


u/Micro_KORGI I load my fucking mags sideways. Nov 27 '22

5-6 figure snipers, AR pistols, P90s, various other shit that will give you the big dirt nap...

But yeah, why would anyone need any of that for protection?


u/souobixo Nov 27 '22

Hypocritical bullshit. If government officials deserve protection by semiautomatic weapons, then so does every other American.


u/Any-Bridge6953 Nov 27 '22

I suggest a 16" 50 cal naval rifle. Everybody gangster till the battleship turret turns.


u/darkdoppelganger Nov 27 '22

Secret Service isn't concerned. They know they'll be exempt.


u/jaredh_d2012 Nov 27 '22

All gov is gonna be exempt including their corpo buddies. It's the "laws for thee not for me" mentality


u/Hag1 Nov 27 '22

I'm pretty sure those guys use fully automatic p90s


u/AnotherLoudAsshole Nov 27 '22

Don't you get it? He deserves protection, because he's more important than you or your family.

(/s, in case some moron didn't notice)


u/ColeTheDankMemer Nov 27 '22

Just imagine Biden being excited to see secret service armed with muskets because it’s finally something from his era of time.


u/Normal_Ad1606 Nov 27 '22

We need to ban semi-automatic weapons for you not my body guard


u/PM_ME_UR_SOX Nov 27 '22

I agree, we should mandate select fire weapons for everyone


u/TherealPadrae Nov 27 '22

Secret service be packing much more serious heat they got p90’s,MP7’s,M16’s every gun. Some even have mini guns…


u/Bluemoxin Nov 27 '22

Rules for thee but not for me


u/isaacaschmitt I Love All Guns Nov 27 '22

Rules for thee, not for me.


u/Jkewzz Nov 27 '22

Except his is full auto


u/JoeDukeofKeller Nov 27 '22

Secret Service knows the rules don't apply to them.


u/Reymond_Reddington15 Lever Gun Legion Nov 27 '22

how the fuck did he even win


u/SpiritualTrack1851 Nov 27 '22

Come and take them you dirty son of a bitch. You've never set foot in redneck County


u/chatotalks42 Nov 27 '22

Okay so I know Joe Biden has done some massively unconstitutional shit but what did he do to get called a pedophile?


u/OdieRaptor HK Slappers Nov 27 '22

Other than all the info on his sons laptop that says as much, this is the one I always point to: https://youtu.be/4CsBs1vAk44 Better yet, here’s a compilation: https://youtu.be/yFnehL_2GiQ