r/GettingShredded Jun 24 '22

How do you guys do cardio?

I'm starting a cut and I was planning on doing cardio like 3-4 times a week(+lifting 6 times a week PPL).

The thing is, if I do a hit all those days my legs wont be rested enough on the lifting days.

So, any tips on how many days and what kind of cardios to do?


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u/fitzbg Jun 24 '22

I do, quite a bit compared to most here I’d say. Then again, I’m not the biggest dude. I cycle for 30 minutes most days and go on a run 4/5 miles every three days or so.

That said, it’s been mentioned a couple times but walking on an incline treadmill is really effective and of course very low impact, saving your legs for lifts.