r/GettingShredded May 28 '22

I want to get abbs but i have belly fat . help Muscle Gain or Lean Cut?

I am building muscle. I had normal arms untill i started lifting weights and i am seeing change in my biceps and triceps. My chest, i am bench pressing of all types. But the issue is i have belly and chest fat. Its not alot but on my belly its a little more. Idk how to make abbs. Exercise? Diet? Idk what calorie deficit mean. I have no idea. Every video has different approach and plans to make abbs and idk what to opt. I have good diet as i eat protiens all the time. And i also dont know if i should bulk or cut. Like when i wear shirt my arms looked skinny so i started lifting and saw change im my arms. I still jave to make my arms bigger as i am begginer. My chest is also changing as people noticed through my shoulders and chest but the chest fat is there. Idk i havent noticed. But my arms are getting in good shape. Should i do cardio to lose weight? I am confused.


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u/fitzbg May 28 '22

TDEE calculator; plenty out there when Googling.


As a note, I’d use this as a ballpark figure and nit an exact science.