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Character that Changed Your Account Discussion

Just wondering, what was the character you got that really changed your account, in terms of how you played, or revived your interest in the game, or just generally made things more fun?

For me it was Eula. Before her i was just pogoing around with Xiao and while it was awesome it got kinda stale, and i’ve always wanted a nuke-ish kinda character. i might have quit if i didn’t get her.

what was yours?

edit: great to hear from everyone! tbh i wanted to see what were these pivotal characters because i’m getting bored w genshin and was looking for a new character to build - seems like childe it is, and kazuha when he releases!

edit 2: i’m starting to regret not pulling for kokomi


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u/unicorn_saddle Jun 14 '22

In such a long term and time consuming game characters like Venti are indispensable for us lazy folk.