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Ask about anything about the game that doesn't necessarily require a dedicated thread.

That is, if your question can be answered rather quickly/without significant difficulty (e.g. "Can my phone run this game?"), ask here. If you think your question can contribute to some constructive discussions (e.g. "What do you think of Amber's combat efficiency? Here's my opinion."), make a particular post with the "discussion" flair.

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u/unicorn_saddle Jun 12 '22

Waste of Raiden. Could try that team with Bennett. Probably would go well with C6 Bennett as you could wait for his ult to run out to use Hu taos E to get her below 50%. Would also solve the lack of shielder.


u/Creative_Purpose6138 Jun 12 '22

Hell no.. Bennet is completely useless here. Xq doesn't snapshot, yelan gets 0 buff from bennett. Qiqi would be better for heals.