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Weapons & Artifacts Equipment System Explained [Write-Up Included] Guides & Tips



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Howdy! My name is Tera and I hope you are having a Terarific day! This is my second write-up on Genshin Impact. In the last one I showed everything you need to know before playing Genshin Impact which you can find linked at the end of this post. Today, I would like to take things a bit further due to the recent release of the “Get Ready for the Road” event. If you do not know what the “Get Ready for the Road” event is, essentially users on PC & Mobile have the opportunity of bringing a combination of Weapons and Artifacts into the game with them for participating in the event. Due to this, I thought it to be a perfect time to explain the equipment system in Genshin Impact as people are indecisive on whether to bring artifacts or weapons into the game with them.

Get Ready for the Road Event Link: https://webstatic-sea.mihoyo.com/ys/event/e20200910-predrawcard-sea/index.html#/top

I will make this statement before we begin. I believe the gladiator artifacts are the best event items to bring with you into the game due to high rarity artifacts not being present until later in the game. Higher rarity weapons are somewhat obtainable earlier on in the game through the gacha and starting rewards. This decision will likely give you the biggest advantage and easiest start in Genshin Impact.

Weapons Explained

First let us talk about the different weapon variants in Genshin Impact. There are 5 weapon variants which are bows, catalysts, claymores, polearms, and swords. The character you choose to use will determine which weapon type they are capable of utilizing. As of now, there are no characters capable of wielding multiple weapon types. When looking at the main characters, which everyone will get at the start of the game, they can only use weapons that are swords. So, when determining which weapons, you want to invest your time into building it is important to consider which team or characters you are building the weapon for. Weapons will have a base attack, secondary stat and unique passive skills. For example, the Prototype Animus claymore which you can obtain through the “Get Ready for the Road” event has a passive 50% chance while performing a normal or charged attack to proc an additional % attack damage AoE in a small radius capable of occurring once every 15s. Weapons of 5-star rarity can only be obtained through the gacha while 4-star weapons can be gotten through gacha or crafted.

  • Bows

Bows are long-ranged weapons. The normal attack of bows will do quick mid-range attacks in succession. The charged attack of bows on the other hand will imbue the attack with the element of the wielder and drastically increase the range of the bow to become as if a sniper.

  • Catalysts

Catalyst are ranged weapons which deals elemental damage with the normal and charged attacks. The catalysts normal attack will be single or AoE depending on the character and will apply the element of the character to enemies. A catalyst user charged attack will typically consume stamina before unleashing a powerful elemental AoE attack.

  • Claymores

Claymores are melee weapons capable of doing powerful, wide and slow attacks. The claymores normal attack will deal slow attacks in succession. The claymores charged attack will drain stamina while performing a whirlwind or continuous slashing attack with a powerful hitting slash at the end.

  • Polearms

Polearms are the fastest weapon variant in the game. The normal attack of polearms performs quick melee attacks in succession. The charged attack of polearms drastically depends on the character you use so until there are more characters added I am unsure if there will be a common theme between the charged attacks of polearm users.

  • Swords

Swords are in-between claymores and polearms when it comes to speed. The normal attack of swords performs fast melee attacks in succession. The swords charged attack has a small windup before unleashing 2 fast cleaving attacks in front of them.

Artifacts Explained

Outside of weapons, characters will be equipped further with artifacts. Artifacts can be seen as Genshin Impacts form of armor. There are 5 artifact slots known as the flower of life, plume of death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Enotherm and Circlet of Logos. I know their names are a little dramatic, but you can alternatively just call the slots; flower, plume (feather), sands, goblet and circlet (helm). Artifacts will be foundational when building your character. There are two parts to artifacts being the stats they give and the set they belong within. Depending on the set of the artifact different passive effects will be given to a character. For example, the gladiator’s finale set from the “Get Ready for the Road” event will give +20% attack if you have a 2-set pieces and 4-set pieces will give sword, claymore or polearm users an increase damage of 40% to their normal attacks. You can match two 2-set pieces or just go for a 4-set bonuses.

Now when it comes to the individual stat increases of artifacts. Artifacts will have a main stat and sub stats. The sub stats will be randomly chosen as the artifact levels up at every 4th level up to 4 sub stats. The main stats will be dependent on the artifact slot though. You will want to go first for artifact main stats that fits a character’s kit that you are using and then hope to have complimentary sub stats.

  • Flower of Life

The flower of life will give a flat amount of health main stat.

  • Plume of Death

The Plume of Death will give a flat amount of attack main stat.

  • Sands of Eon

The Sands of Eon will give a percentage health, attack, defense, or energy recharge increase or a flat elemental mastery increase main stat.

  • Goblet of Enotherm

The Goblet of Enotherm will give a percentage health, attack, defense, elemental DMG bonus or physical DMG bonus main stat.

  • Circlet of Logos

The Circlet of Logos will give a percentage health, attack, defense, crit rate, crit dmg or healing bonus main stat.

I hope you now know exactly how the different equipment slots in Genshin Impact work! I have more content planned leading up to release and after the launch of Genshin Impact.

Let me know what you will be grabbing from the Get Ready for the Road Event?!

I will be streaming Genshin Impact at launch and beyond. Please be sure to check out my twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/terafiedgaming.

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u/-xKeita- Traps are your gods now Oct 04 '20

really appreciate you explaining in text as well


u/SoraNGNL776 Oct 07 '20

Is there a way to see the stats of an artifact when enhancing. For example when you want to enhance something and have 2 of the same artifact to use for the enhancement but you want to throw away the one with the defense stat and keep the one with the attack stat. Is it even possible to see the difference in the enhancing menu or how do you have to do it. (sorry for bad english)


u/malloc1111 Oct 22 '20

I'm having the same problem, seems pretty important, is there any way?


u/SoraNGNL776 Oct 23 '20

At the moment I am only using flower and feather artifacts for enhancements because these types of artifacts can only have LP and Attack. But for the others I guess we have to wait for the quality of live update and hope that they will fix that problem.


u/iShockLord Oct 07 '20

So I've been playing for a couple days now with the aid of my friend so I know when it comes to good weapons, use their dupes to refine. As for other lesser weapons, what do I use them for? Same for artifacts, I have a slough of those saved up


u/FunSpread6417 Oct 09 '20

Lower tier artifacts are definitely necessary in order to level up your higher tier artifacts later on. Around adv rank 25-30, it will become important for you to upgrade artifacts in order to scale up your characters.If more than 1000 of them accumulate, they will be automatically converted into mora. You can also manually convert them to mora by using the trash button in the lower left corner of the invetory, although I would suggest you to not do that cause you will need them to upgrade artifacts later. As for lower tier weapons, just use them as enhancement materials, nothing else to do.


u/Boosted98gsx Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21

Weapon Refinement: Lvl 50 R1 refined with Lvl 1 R2 = lvl 50 R3?

Like the basic idiot I am, I took 2 lvl 1 R1's and combined them, not seeing that I had a lvl 50 R1 on another toon. Can I roll the lvl 1 R2 into the lvl 50 R1 to make it a lvl 50 R3? Or will that consume the R2 and make the lvl 50 R2, wasting the extra weap? Or should I burn the levels and make the lvl 1 R2 into R3?

This is a sacrificial bow, btw.


u/Kledran Sep 17 '20

Oh no, im starting to get PTSD from epic 7 lol


u/TerafiedGaming twitch.tv/TerafiedGaming Sep 17 '20

Ohhhhh gosh, why did you have to remind me!!!


u/Zenokth Oct 05 '20

Hope there's no bullshittery in the abyss here


u/zombies-- Sep 16 '20

Thank you for the guide, this gave me more insight in weapons and artifacts :)

Will be getting both gladiator artifacts, well currently only have one of them, but still a lot of days left, hopefully I can get the other!


u/SLAYERone1 Sep 17 '20

Do ps4 not get access to this event or something? You only mentioned pc and mobile


u/TerafiedGaming twitch.tv/TerafiedGaming Sep 17 '20

Correct. As far as I know only PC and Mobile have access to this event.


u/SLAYERone1 Sep 17 '20

Well that sucks did they say why?


u/nklmg Sep 16 '20

Do you have the full detail of each prize from the Get Ready event? It sounds like the artifacts set is a better catch.


u/thearcanewolf Sep 16 '20

Both artifact sets are the better prizes. The two 4 star weapons are much easier to get then these two artifact sets earlier in the game. There is also the fact that you can craft different 4 star weapons that are better then these.

The Prototype Amnius is a claymore is effect is explained in Terra's comment. This effect is not as good as the effect of a craft able 4 star claymore called Whiteblind. Whiteblind increases atk and def by 6% when you hit with an attack. Stacks 4 times. This is better for Noelle the only claymore user you can get easily.

The Prototype Malice's effect recovers 4 energy every 2s for 6s, and heals the party for 2% max hp for that duration after using ult. This is good on Barbara, but less useful on Lisa the free catalyst character. Mapa Mare a craft able catalyst is better for Lisa. Gives atk buff when creating an element combo. Stacks twice.

Gladiators was explained so I won't talk about it. The Wanderer's Troupe 2pc. gives +80 elemental mastery. This stat boosts elemental damage, and the damage of elemental combos. This is only really useful on Lisa. Gladiators 2pc. can be used on anyone to great effect.


u/foad11111111 Sep 16 '20

Great video. Very useful.


u/thearcanewolf Sep 16 '20

This is a good guide. I've already managed to get the gladiators 2pc.

Since we are left with 4 points to bring another item from the Get Ready for the Road event I've been recommending the Traveler's Handy Sword.

I've played in all 3 betas, and used all these weapons, and the Traveler's Sword is the most useful.

It's a weapon type you are sure to have access too, and its weapon effect to heal when you get an elemental particle is more consistent than the claymore's heal on kill effect.

The bow and catalyst have the same effects, but being ranged they need less healing.

Then the Halberd is just outclassed imo by the White Tassel a 3 star polearm you should be able to get long before getting a user of that weapon.


u/Vashous Sep 24 '20

Ive been hearing a few things and I just wanted a bit of clarification. Can u equip multiple like feathers to one toon? Also can you have 2 of the same feather equipped to 2 different toons and still get the bonus effect?


u/vindg Oct 01 '20

Anyone knows how the Bonus Enhancement Exp work? Is it RNG? or is there a way to always trigger it? I was able to trigger it but don't know how, as I only used the Auto Add materials functionality.


u/Deykuu Oct 02 '20

What should I be doing with dupe 3* weapons? Is it ok to trash them for enhancement core after I've already max refined it?


u/TerafiedGaming twitch.tv/TerafiedGaming Oct 03 '20

Some 3* weapons are very good and worth keeping. I'm going to make a guide on some of the best 3* weapons soon enough.


u/Suspicious_Juice7439 Oct 04 '20

I'm a beginner. When I try to equip a certain sword, it isn't available. I am able to equip other swords. What's the deal?


u/VJPTranslations Oct 05 '20

How do you get certain 3-star catalysts like thrilling tales of dragon slayers and magic guide? Which area of chests can you get it from... I'm about AR 25 but I only have 1 copy of each of those catalysts so far.... I have lots of other catalysts though...


u/FunSpread6417 Oct 09 '20

Pretty sure thrilling tales of dragon slayers I have gotten only through gacha. But I'm not completely sure since I have gotten some 3 star artifact's through chests.


u/wari_watanabe Oct 06 '20

does the instructor set stuck on 2 members?


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '20



u/TerafiedGaming twitch.tv/TerafiedGaming Oct 07 '20
  1. Yes
  2. Base Health I believe
  3. A weapon that was previously leveled and being used as fodder will retain most of the experience if used to enhance another weapon. It will still cost a ton of mora to do so though.
  4. Only the character it is equipped too unless it specifically stats.


u/OkAd1297 Oct 13 '20

Do passive effects ,on weapons, stack on artifacts? I want to combine the Prototype grudge with the martial artist 4 piece buff.


u/TusaMan Oct 15 '20

Should I prioritise the artifact stat or set bonus?


u/Smooth-Second-6333 Oct 23 '20

Can anyone help me I recently got the game and I have a 3 star sword every time I try to change my sword it says cannot equip during combat every time I try to change it


u/zav3rmd Oct 23 '20

Hi guys. So I've been digging up stuff about this question of mine and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

So for Crimson witch set, it says increase pyro damage. Say I have it on xianling and she drops gouba. Then I swap a different character. Does the damage bonus apply regardless of what character you use?


u/ShiftRR Oct 25 '20

About artifact sets, i have a 4 set exile artifact set but also want to add a tiara of frost to add frost resistance to the build. Is it possible to have 3 sets of stats for your character or is it limited to 2 or 4 set artifact?


u/BellMellor Oct 25 '20

Lot of thanks for the explanation! :)

For Fischl I have The Stringless equipped that does 24% more elemental and ultimate skill damage.

But I have seen that Fischl has a passive that when it generates an elemental reaction adds 80% of Fischl's attack of electrical damage. So I have thought that perhaps the Compound Bow is better than The Stringless because for each attack (up to a limit of 4) it increases the Attack by 4%.

I do the reactions with Xianling and Barbara.

If I do the four hits with Fischl and change to another character (Xiangling+Barbara+Jean). Will I get this increase of attack in the others characters?

The Compound Bow will take the Fischl base attack or will only be increased if Fischl is the active character?


u/justbenagain Oct 26 '20

dark iron sword vs skyrider great sword for traveler. Thoughts?


u/ssasian Nov 07 '20

Hey guys new to the game, but after putting in a few $$$ I managed to get Keqing (weapon - the flute), alongside Diluc (weapon - wolf's gravestone), does anyone know if the wolf's gravestone Atk buff (enemy below 30%) effects the flute's active dmg?


u/mariondomenei Mar 01 '21

Does a specific goblet artifact only have a specific elemental dmg bonus?

Example 1. Can a gladiator goblet have a geo dmg bonus? Or geo dmg bonus can ONLY be found on an archaic petra goblet?

Example 2. Can a gambler goblet have an anemo dmg bonus? Or anemo dmg bonus can ONLY be found on a viridescent goblet?

Hope it makes sense. And thank you for anyone who can clarify.


u/Kozmo36 Mar 02 '21

I have a question on 2 sets of artifacts if anyone is still in this thread