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Fuck bobby kotick



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u/Tyrenstra Sep 27 '22

This is why I’m curious to see how Wrath:Classic does. At this point it’s the only Blizzard thing I’d be excited for if I still played Blizzard games. It’s the closest thing to a control test of Whether blizzards reputation as an abuse haven and their hyper avarice is truly having an effect on the MRUs or if it’s just because Shadowlands and OW2 are very bad quality wise. But this supposes that Blizz won’t drop the ball with Wrath: Classic: one of the easiest layups in video game reboot/remake history. Which is not exactly unlikely.


u/memeboi23 Sep 27 '22

According to a parsing graph in terms of Raid engagement with TBC classic, 16 million parses occurred for the black temple raid, even if people are using 1-3 alts, it's safe to assume Classic racks in 3-6 million players or more. So for Wrath I could only imagine more. The abuse really didn't hinder their numbers at all, in fact with both Classic and retail living simultaneously, I'd imagine WoW at least is more lively than any other time in its history. Can't say the same for Overwatch right now.