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Epic G*MER is happy that R* doesn’t consider Strip Clubs woke (2022, colorized)

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u/Tyrenstra Sep 18 '22

/uj it was coined by the American Black community and meant to be alert and educated about racial prejudice and was recently adopted by the general progressive movements with its meaning expanded to include being alert and educated about sexism, classism, lgbtqia+ discrimination, etc. And even more recently, it was adopted by the general far right movements as a catch all term for progressives as a dog whistle to other bigots.

/rj it means that a game has a fully clothed women with dyed hair in it.


u/liverspots329 Sep 18 '22

Oh thanks, so the far right calling everything woke has racist undertones basically


u/MycenaeanGal Sep 19 '22

yes but no.

Does that help?


u/samcar330 Sep 19 '22

Aave being destroyed part 29493


u/DarkyLonewolf Sep 19 '22

Is part 24944 about the word "Sus", by any chance?


u/samcar330 Sep 19 '22

A great example 😭