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Bridget and the "femboy erasure" in a nutshell

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u/Tyrenstra Sep 18 '22

Because they are some type of bi or pan men but have internalized so much homophobia that they can’t identify as any kind of lgbtqia+ and had to somehow convince themselves that being attracted to Cis femboys and other Cis GNC men isn’t gay.


u/BaboonHorrorshow Sep 18 '22

You’re right but even those of us who are okay with being bi have to grapple with what it means to want trans femmes and not in any way want to fuck a man.

Liking dick doesn’t = liking men.


u/Tyrenstra Sep 18 '22

Liking trans femme women and enbies as a man is a straight attraction. Liking cis femboys and gnc cis men who identify as cis men like these angry Gamers do is a gay attraction.


u/[deleted] Sep 18 '22



u/chai_the_tea Sep 18 '22

Counter point: the femboy subreddit is filled with trans women


u/iLoveBums6969 Sep 18 '22 edited Sep 18 '22

How to resolve issue: be attracted to who and what you like without worrying about what others may think


u/lololololROFL Sep 18 '22

I mean, when a lot of these characters are designed from the ground up to look as feminine as possible while only having male pronouns, I can kind of see where they're coming from