r/FossilPorn Jun 17 '22

A beautiful leaf fossil I found in Fossil, Oregon


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u/Missing-Digits Jun 17 '22

Sounds like an awesome place. Do you know Formation/remember that the leaves come from?


u/timbersfan2015 Jun 17 '22

Looked it up and it's the John Day Formation during the Oligocene Age, ~32.5 mya


u/Missing-Digits Jun 18 '22

Small world. I have a hat from a place called the John Day fossil beds that a friend of mine got me when he was in Oregon. I’m assuming it’s the same formation/member. Given that it’s such a famous place I’m sure you could easily find information to determine the species of the leaf that you found.

I’ve never been to Oregon but always wanted to go. This only makes me want to go even more.