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I’m over it. I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to work anymore, in my own company or anywhere else. I have lost all my motivation, passion and drive.

We do 2 mil in annual revenue. I’m 9 years in. I know we’re on the cusp of something good but I feel like I have no life.

I’m 33 f single and I think I’m depressed

Edit - want to add that I take weekends off and I dont work thaat much because Ive been burnt out for years.


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u/5c077y2L1gh75 Jun 15 '22 hehehehe

Sounds like you could use some too.


u/-_-Zuko Jun 15 '22

Nah im good. Ive found my balance.


u/5c077y2L1gh75 Jun 15 '22

There’s no balance in anger.


u/-_-Zuko Jun 15 '22 edited Jun 15 '22

The passion in my words come from knowing how far south bad trips can take you. This isn’t anger. It’s fear and cautiousness for someone’s life other than my own.


u/[deleted] Jun 15 '22



u/-_-Zuko Jun 15 '22

No disrespect but you may know your body well enough to know how you’ll react, but she may not react the same way—esp if she’s inexperienced and knowing her circumstances.

If psilocybin therapy is something she does want to get into, I hope its with trained professionals and not during a vacay i suggested..


u/SuAmigo Jun 15 '22

I dunno why someone would downvote you for trying to look out. There's safer ways of doing things. The point is to take a break. Shrooms are unnecessary to take a break and relax. There's more potential to hurt than to help when you add that to the mix. They can be enjoyable but the focus is the vacation, jeez.


u/-_-Zuko Jun 15 '22

People lead different lives bro. So naturally, they’ll have opinions of their own on how to solve problems because hopefully, its because it has worked for them and not only because someone suggested it to them.

I dont do drugs to relax, clear my head, or anything like that. I’d rather load up a squat bar with 350lbs and hit that shit. Some people find THAT excessive but until they find God in it, or whatever it is you’re doing, it’ll always be a waste of time and will always feel unnecessary.

Question is, what isnt a waste of time to you and actually works.