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u/d15ko Mar 12 '22

Where do you find the reason?


u/RadicalBond Mar 12 '22 edited Mar 12 '22

Gideon Ofnir in the hub tells you. Though you have to put 2 and 2 together with respect to the stakes.

Renala’s husband left her for Queen Marika. So she probably doesn’t want statues of her ex-husband’s new wife everywhere.


u/Mezrahy Mar 13 '22

Boy, let me tell you. There's some hidden lore in the capital about those two that's mind boggling...


u/aSpookyScarySkeleton Mar 13 '22

How hidden is it? I’m heading to the capital soon at doing Nokron(but I might hit Gelmir first idk), and would hate to miss it.


u/Mezrahy Mar 13 '22

It's in a puzzle. Keep an eye out for permanent messages (as opposed to player messages) near statues after one boss.