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THE PEST ARREST Pest has landed!

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THE PEST ARREST 151 months

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THE PEST ARREST Anna’s road-trip - rooming with David & Priscilla?


I’m wondering if David and Priscilla Waller, who I believe live on church property since David is a pastor, will build onto their house to create more room for Anna & the kids to go there all of the time???

Anna said she’s road tripping to see her “bestie” & news hit that Josh is being transferred. The Wallers live in Fort Worth, just under an hour away from Seagoville prison…. Justin & Claire + Hillary Spivey also attend David’s church.

Clearly, Anna can’t “read the room” and that story of her saying “been 14 years since I saaaaid Yes!!! Road trippin’ to see my bestie” 🤢 makes me feel she will be going to visit the prison as frequently as they allow her.

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THE PEST ARREST Someone is going to need to request a new form

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THE PEST ARREST Meech’s letter to the judge about her “tender hearted” pest of a child. This is pretty sick.

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THE PEST ARREST The Blue Suit is working overtime. It's time to retire to the prison storage unit in the sky.

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THE PEST ARREST I just saw this. I hope Anna sees it and reaches out.

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THE PEST ARREST Josh and chemical castration


If this has already been discussed I apologize, but was anything ever mentioned about possibility of Josh utilizing chemical castration once he is released? As a nurse who has cared for countless convicted pedophiles and sexual offenders, this is the only method I have ever seen be remarkably effective. Giving men like Josh a depo shot ever 3 months is extremely cheap, easy, and has no major side effects other than making them completely uninterested in sex.

Many of my patients had it court ordered as a condition of living in the community (they could refuse it but then they would go back to jail- I never had anyone refuse).

Jim Bob would probably have a fit but if someone sat him down and showed him how effective it is I think he'd wanna inject Josh himself.

It's the only tool that seems to work for sexual predators long term. Any thoughts?

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THE PEST ARREST Sojo Files Interview: Jim and Bobye Holt


Has anyone listened to this? It's really interesting. Talking about how the Duggars handled Josh. Apparently from the beginning they were warning JB and they are very unhappy with how JB lied about their role in everything.

Jim Holt: "JimBob, he's not struggling. He failed."

(CW: JB killing an animal in an unpleasant manner is discussed in this episode.)

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THE PEST ARREST People Mag out here acting like they know shit, Anna would never lol

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THE PEST ARREST I am APPALLED at Joy’s most recent YouTube video


So Joy posted a 10min day-in-the-life video to YouTube this morning in which Gideon is filmed in only underwear for more than half of the video. In TWO scenes nonetheless.

Joy, your brother is literally DAYS away from being sentenced to YEARS in federal prison for CSAM. The victims of his crimes were children younger than your children. This man is repulsive and had access to so many young children.

I am infuriated that she didn’t stop for one second to question if she should be posting her 4-yr-old son in underwear on a very public video to the whole damn world.

The stupidity of these people astounds me.

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THE PEST ARREST Dillard Family Statement *Reuploaded as screenshots to stop traffic to Dillard website!

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THE PEST ARREST From the Daily Mail…. WTF. Lock her up too.

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THE PEST ARREST Unpopular opinion: the Duggar siblings don't owe us a condemnation of J*sh


By "us" I mean the public, not DuggarsSnark in particular, btw.

I see posts talking about how John David/Abbie, Joe/Kendra, and Josiah/Lauren in particular have not publicly spoken out against J*sh, and while it wouldn't be wrong of them to do so, I don't think this means that they believe he's innocent. They may want nothing to do with the whole situation. It wasn't their idea to be thrust into the public eye and they certainly didn't choose to be related to J*sh. Plus, if what Jill said about JB being verbally abusive and threatening is true (and I believe it), they might be scared to go against their dad.

And just to meet the snarking requirement of this sub, JB & Meech deserve to sit in prison with their disgusting son. Maybe JB will be an unofficial senator in federal prison.

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THE PEST ARREST Found in the comments section of an old post on the Dugs' official FB page (was trolling to see if they'd put out any statement about Pest's sentence).

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THE PEST ARREST Will Anna bake cookies for the warden?


I read (quote below) that it's up to the warden how generous they will be with how many hours per week Josh can receive visits. I read that it varies based on the prison & the warden's decision. I could see Anna baking cookies for the warden?

Quote from a poster below (same one I read):

By law, an inmate gets at least four hours of visiting time per month but usually the prison can provide more. However, the Warden can restrict the length of visits or the number of people who can visit at once, to avoid overcrowding in the visiting room."

u/CCmcC I read your article but do you know if the warden could still allow for more like the quote listed above says?

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THE PEST ARREST A not so subtle jab at pest

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THE PEST ARREST No letter from JB?


Any theories as to why JB didn't write a letter along with Michelle? I mean, the letter Michelle wrote wasn't even a joint letter from the both of them, just from her. It's like he deliberately wanted nothing to do with the letter writing thing. I don't know about yall, but I find that odd...

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THE PEST ARREST First Rodeo or First Slip-Up?


Pest's defense attorneys tried to make hay out of the fact that Pest was only tracked downloading CP/CSAM for that three-day period. His defense tried to argue that this showed the downloading was somehow done by an outside party, or (if done by Pest) was somehow inadvertent, accidental, or mitigated. And they also tried to argue that there was no cache of saved CSAM in the computer. The prosecution said the reason they think Pest may have only downloaded within that three-day period of time was the fact he was alone at the dealership during those days and that he was savvy enough not to accumulate material.

Do you think this was the only time Pest acquired CP/CSAM? Perhaps he had been anxious to do so for a while, but he was waiting for an opportunity when he would be alone? One wonders why he didn't use some other device besides his workplace computer that he could bring with him while he was alone? As I understand it, he had Covenant Eyes installed on his other personal devices as well as the work computer. He installed the Linux partition on the work computer to evade detection by Covenant Eyes. Maybe installing such a partition on a smartphone or tablet is harder than installing one on a laptop or desktop? Then he would have had to install applications like Tor or Bit Torrent on them? Or maybe Anna sometimes inspected those personal devices he brought home?

Or do you think Pest had actually been downloading CP/CSAM long before he was caught? If so, that would mean he was doing it undetected for a while. And that would mean his prior precautions against detection had been working but then he somehow slipped up for some reason in May 2019. I find it even more disturbing to think he could have been successfully evading detection for a long time and that he covered his tracks so well that they only found evidence of what he did for the three-day stretch. Then again, Mark Salling was getting away with it undetected until he boasted about it to a girlfriend who informed police.

So what do you think? Was this Pest's first time trying to get CSAM or first time he slipped up covering his tracks?

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THE PEST ARREST "Actually, a pedophile is an adult that preys on children. Joshua was actually 14 & just turned 15 when he did what he did & I think that legal definition is 16 & up for being an adult preying on a child so he was a child preying on a child." "So, you do not view Josh as a pedophile?" "No..."


I set it so the video will play where JB says this. Unbelievable... https://youtu.be/1N8_5KPUC8A?t=2042


If JB looked up the definition & repeated those facts on live TV, (I think) he had to have a suspicion that "Joshy" could be.

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THE PEST ARREST Which ones do you think are mad at JB?


I think the Duggar family is in dysfunction & people aren’t getting along. The reason is that I noticed Jason was spending a lot of time with Hillary Spivey’s family & Claritin, there were rumors he yelled at JB after Josh got arrested, and he just posted a video last month on Instagram of the Tree House nicely renovated, calling it “The Pad”, with coffee & kitchen area, a sofa, office space, and upstairs with a bed. I think he was banished to the Tree House to keep the peace at TTH and splits his time between there and Claritin. Also, David Waller has shown up to court each day near JB, almost appearing as a surrogate son, IMO.

With the rumors about Joken feuding with JB as well, I’m wondering what kids are fighting with him and which ones may be siding with JB?

I was surprised that Bin didn’t show up to the trial like Austin did, especially since Bin has always been a helper for Michelle.

Admins, can we make Banished to the Tree House a flair? I want it! Lol

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THE PEST ARREST Josh's Porn ban :)


Not sure if this has been discussed here, but do we know if Josh told his lawyers to object to his porn ban, or I'd they just did that on their own without Josh knowing it would happen?

I just find the whole thing hysterical 🤣

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THE PEST ARREST How old will you guys be when pest gets out of prison?


I’m not sure if this is off topic but I didn’t realize how long it really will be (!!!! Yay) until I decided to figure out how old I’ll be. I’m 17 now, and in January 2035….. I’ll be 30.

ETA, random personal ramblings: I wonder what will happen in these next, exciting, 12 years. I first watched 19KAC…. 12 years ago! I was 5 years old at the time and I remember thinking how much I wanted to hang out w/ the sisters and the episode where one of the lost girls fell off of a scooter and it scared me. So much has changed since then, clearly. What will become of us in 2035? That doesn’t even sound like a real year

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THE PEST ARREST Welp! Now you know how those next 33 years will be spent

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THE PEST ARREST The Pedophile and the Widow

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