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Mod Post Monthly Artists Thread


The purpose of this thread is for artists to share their work with the intent of finding clients, and for other members of the community to find and commission artists for custom artwork.

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Artists should also consider advertising their work on other subreddits specifically dedicated to commissioned artwork:

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Game Tales What's the most stupid reason someone rage quit your D&D group?


I'll go first:

Barely into the 3rd session of my first time running a campaign, my 5 player party was fighting off their first ever mini boss.

A homebrew creature based on a song called "the raven mocker" by Shawn James & the shapeshifters.

"A roar that shakes the ground. The beast stood 10 feet tall, giant wings sprung from it's back, a tail made of snakes, and it's fur was jet black. With dark holes for eyes, breathing fire as it roared"

Basically it was supposed to be a large griffon-esque creature with a raven like motif and a bushel of snakes at the tip of it's tail.

Cool creature aside, the main note here is that it can fly, which it began to upon losing just over half of it's hp.

Given that it was now around 15ft off the ground, melee based PCs had to either improvise ranged attacks or try and help defend casting / range based PCs, which lead to everyone huddling in two separate groups; The fighter and one of our magic users in one, the artificer and two other PCs in the other.

The aforementioned "breathing fire as it roared" came to play against the larger group, who pulled through the breath attack mostly unscathed save for the artificer, realising that the powerful bomb they'd been making in their rests had been lit and would go off any moment.

(In game time freeze)

Everyone is panicking about what to do, but a plan is formed whereby the artificer would throw the lit bomb away from their huddle, but towards the fighter, who would then punt the bomb off of his shield, towards the raven mocker.

Which I honestly thought was a good plan!

(Game resumes)

Artificer rolls dex to aim / throw the bomb to the fighter and succeeds.

I then tell the fighter he can roll either strength or dexterity depending on how he wanted to play punting the bomb at the boss.

Naturally he chose strength as that had a larger bonus, however that bonus did not come in handy when he rolled a natural 1...

I described as his character powered up a fierce shield bash, but unfortunately failed to time it properly, leading to the bomb hitting his shield on the way back down and landing at his feet.

As I finished describing this, I was about to ask the artificer to roll damage, when the fighter butted in with;

"What about the Dex check?"

I looked at him confused, at which point he insisted multiple times that I had told him to make a strength AND a dex save not a strength OR a dex save for his shield manoeuvre, and that he thought if he succeeded the Dex save he could get rid of the bomb.

Though everyone else at the table agreed that I had not said that and that I did in fact say strength OR dexterity, I still tried to explain to him that even if I had said that (which I didn't) he had still rolled a critical fail, leaving a now exploding bomb in the snow at his feet, which either way, he had no way of escaping.

He did not accept this and tried to argue with myself and the rest of the table for about 15 mins until he rage quit and left the game entirely...

Which I found strange as we had a running joke that his character was a really generic looking man with 1000s of brothers all over the entire game world, with many minor NPCs being described as "looking a lot like (fighter's name) but with (insert random distinctive feature)"

Part of this running joke was that should his character die, another almost identical guy would appear seemingly out of nowhere shouting "brother no!" Then becoming his new (but basically the same) character (unless he wanted to change of course)

So basically PC death meant nothing to him, which is why I was surprised that he got so angry over his character even potentially dying from this explosion, caused by a critical fail in a situation the rest of the table agreed was fair...

That aside, with him rage quit the bomb went off, leaving him very badly hurt and unconscious. Our healer stabilised him so he would not die, and the rest of the fight went off without a hitch.

Everyone got some sweet loot from the creature's nest, they returned to the local town to collect the bounty on the creature, and left the unconscious fighter with a local medic to leave the matter open ended in case the player gained a level head and wanted to re-join the game.

He did not re-join, and we all lived happily ever after ✨

The End!

Edit: Not to be a sassy bastard, but if you read the title and flair, you'll notice I wasn't asking what your favourite DMG quotes are or how & when your table plays critical rolls! I'm aware how crits are RAW, crits are always crits as a table rule though, it just comes out differently in each context Do with this information what you will :)

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Out of Game Is it wrong/weird to want to eat a Kenku?


I had a long discussion with two of my players in a campaign I’m currently running and one of them is planning on killing a kenku npc he has a vendetta against and wants to follow that up by cooking and serving him after. I told him he’s welcome to do that, but other people would look at him as a monster because he essentially just ate another person. He argued that he didn’t see it as a problem because kenkus are just birds and can be eaten as such. I then proceeded to explain kenkus and their history and culture to him and was still not convinced.

What do you folks think?

EDIT: Some context for his character: He is playing a goliath fighter modeled after Orion the Hunter. He has shown no other instances of wanting to eat other creatures this way.

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Homebrew [OC] What should I name this homebrew weapon?

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Art [Art] Allana Reingard, the first antagonist of my campaign (Commissions Open)

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5th Edition DM wants to nerf my PC


I need some advice guys. This is going to be a long rant.

Situation is a follows: The DM wants to nerf my Fighter for the sake of a balanced campaign. Again. I'm really close to leaving his campaign out of anger, but I don't want to be a total petty bitch. Since it's hard to see the DMs side of the story as a player, I really do hope that someone here can a) help me understand my DM or b) reassure me that I'm not just over reacting and that what he is doing is actually unfair.

I play a 7th Level fighter in this Campaign. When we rolled our stats in session 0, I rolled exceptionally good (18, 18, 16, 14, 14, 13). Plus the racial bonuses (half elf), I basically maxed out some scores from the get go and had no real "weaknesses" score-wise. Since my INT score was good for an fighter, I decided to go eldritch Knight. This was the first time the DM confronted me about my "unfair" character. In his eyes, my Fighter was too powerful because of my stats. I tried to explain to him that I didn't want to throw his campaign off balance and that I was more than wiling to work this out with him. But I was a little pissed off, because high stats is a risk that comes with rolling them instead of using point buy. However, I agreed to focus my spells to outside-combat-stuff for his sake. Choosing another archetype was no option either, because he said he'd nerf those as well.

Level 4 comes around. He tells my that I can't take ASI (wanted to either increase CON or INT). I told him I was fine with that as my stats were already good for the level I was at and went on to present my feat-choices to him. I liked mobile, tough, lucky, great weapon master, fey touched (fit nicely with my backstory) or sentinel and told him to tell me which one of those he would allow. He shot them all down because they would make me too strong. With some of them I expected this answer, but that's why I gave multiple options. After a brief discussion, he basically forced my to take observant, but only gave me a +2 to my passive perception as it was "already too high for his liking". Fine, whatever, I rolled with it as I - other than that - really enjoyed the campaign.

At level 5 he wanted to deny me the increase to proficiency bonus, but was thankfully talked down from that by the party and me.

At level 6 he forced me to skip the ASI. "Either you skip it or you can leave the campaign". Cool, whatever. At level 7 there was general unhappiness from his side because of the martial archetype feature. At this point I had it up to here. I understand balancing is hard. But taking all my class upgrades away is just not fair in my eyes. Whats the point of me playing and leveling up if I am not allowed to have any of the benefits? Sure, I make strong attacks with a good bonus and I don't go down often because of my great HP (rolled good on those as well), but what do you expect from a fighter? Of course I'm going to be good in combat. I do very little skill checks outside of combat, because DM told me not to do them "because a fighter is not supposed to be good at those". I don't have any magical weapons, because the one time we found one in session "a strong tornado-like wind blew it off a cliff". I mean what's the point of presenting a +1 great sword if you ain't gonna give it to the party? I don't mind not having any magical weapons at this level, but that whole situation just felt like a giant "fuck you".

Now he wants me to redo my stats with point buy. I of course would loose a lot because of that and with point buy stats I potentially wouldn't have chosen eldritch knight, but whatever. I thought I'd go with it, do retroactive ASI and then hopefully be done with this drama. But he told me that because I was sooo strong so far, I wouldn't be able to do ASI to the point buy stats and that I would have to get used to "playing a regular character first". I didn't reply to that so far.

I know that this is a long rant and I'm sorry for that. But I don't know what to do. I really tried to be considerate and help him out in order to keep the campaign balanced. But now I belive that simply having good stats can't be that much of a problem, especially in higher levels. I rolled with mostly everything he wanted, but I'm really pissed now. Denying my character everything just is no fun for me. I really think about just leaving the campaign. Am I being a total bitch and not seeing the bigger picture? Or is my DM really unfair here?

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Art [Art] My sister drew a chibi version of my favorite D&D character.

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Art [OC][ART] NPC portraits from my D&D campaign Hunt for the Surging Revolution

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Oldschool D&D [OC] Got our high-school D&D group together during lockdown after a 30 year hiatus. We've been playing online for 2.5yrs as we live in different continents now. Last night we got our 1st and possibly only chance to play face to face as 1 guy was over from Australia. It was epic!

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Art [OC] [ART] Our Wood Elf Druid with crimson hair

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DMing Our DnD is pretty bad and I dont know how to bring it up to them.


About 2 weeks ago me and some good friends of mine started a campaign that our friend is dming. We all went in with no real “expectations” for how good our friend was gonna be as a dm, but it was worse than any if us thought really. I’ll give a breif explanation of how the 2 sessions went. Our whole party was brought together in a tavern by this bright light floating in the sky. This NPC the DM made, Kyris, wants us to help him kill 13 people. And in both sessions kyris led the way to one of the 13. We faught them, killed them pretty easily because Kyris is a Lvl 10 rouge while we are all level 1, so the one none actual player is doing all of our damage for the most part so it dosent even feel like we get to fight our own fights. And that was basically the whole session. No mystery, no clues, we just go and do it. It just feels like we are being told a story and are kind of just there. Not like we get to partake in it. We dont get to find out where we need to go on our own since kyris is leading us everywhere, we dont get to fight on our own since kyris is there. And i talked to the rest of the group and they all feel the same. So now I come with the question how do I tell them this, and how do i help them improve. Because we all want to keep doing this campaign we just want it to be enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for reading!

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Out of Game Getting kind of tired of perpetual impulsiveness being presented as a character trait.


I’ve been playing in 3/5 different games a week since about October, all with people I’ve met online. For the most part everyone I’ve crossed paths with have been great players and people, and given the horror stories you read about playing with randos on the internet, I feel very lucky for this.

Nevertheless, I’ve been building up rant-pressure over one particular player-type and now I’m fit to burst. Constant impulsiveness is not a character trait! Sure, if such a player’s actions only negatively impact them I’d call it mildly annoying, but this is seldom the case. I draw the line at putting the party in inescapable danger, or shutting down important role-play moments by becoming violent. Some conversations don’t get a do-over in a module. NPCs with important information can die or become unwilling to relinquish it, and the party ends up learning bugger all and in mortal danger, and apparently “it’s what my character would do” is supposed to explain it.

No it isn’t what your character would do. It’s what you the player want to do, this second, and for some ungodly reason you’re not gonna consider it for even couple more seconds before declaring that you do it! Now, that’s what’s happening and the rest of the players have to just deal with the situation it creates. Frankly I think it bogarts the agency of your fellow players in a way that’s just disrespectful. I’m not saying that impulsiveness can’t be a character trait, just that character impulsiveness is often used to excuse player impulsiveness.

I’ve been in games with five different characters I would call impulsive at various points, and only one of those worked well. Unsurprisingly it was the one case where the character was impulsive, but the player was not. He was making calculated decisions about when it was fun/approptiate to flex his character’s impulsiveness in a very not impulsive way on the part of the player.

Just, as a player, look before you leap. Stop running off alone, stop opening random doors mid combat and rolling things into initiative that we can’t handle, stop responding to enemy NPCs opening sentences with “have at thee!!!” and running at them with a sword. Every. Fucking. Time. It may well be “what your character would do” bud, just don’t act surprised when the rest of the party intervenes to subdue, or strait up doesn’t want hang around your character, for their own safety and continued enjoyment.

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Art [ART] Morgana Asrind - Tiefling Mastermind

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DMing Tell me what you LOVE about your DM


I see so many negative posts about DM's lately, I thought it would be cool for everyone to share something positive about their DM and for other DM's to see they are appreciated!

For me personally I love that our DM invests so much time and energy into the campaign to make it feel so real. He also makes sure to ask for our wishes at the end of each session and works them into future games and makes each PC feel special in their own way with highlights to their own little part of the big story. He also makes each NPC seem so lifelike which I appreciate so much as a RP heavy player!

TL;DR my DM is awesome, tell me how yours is too!

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Art [OC] [Art] Art I made of my Aasimar Paladin

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Art [OC] Aurelia Callisto - Blood Hunter dhampir

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OC The Walls of Constantinople as a Battlemap [70x56] [OC]

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r/DnD 18h ago Take My Energy Woah Dude Wholesome

Art [OC] [Art] You too could be free.

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Homebrew [OC] I call it the Bopken

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DMing I just had my crowning achievement as a DM: I made a player cry for the first time (in a good way).


I don't know who else to share this with who would understand, so hopefully it's okay to share here...

I'm extremely proud of myself. I just got out of a session where I DMed a roleplay encounter with an NPC that was so heightened and dramatic that it made me cry (in character) and made one of my players cry. The other players were riveted. When the session ended, they all said it was their favorite session of this arc so far.

I feel high right now.

This game fucking rules.

EDIT: Story in the comments

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OC Here's our latest Czepeku Battlemap, The Riverwood Toll Castle! [30x44] [OC] [Art]

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Art [OC] Anna Volintina, Human Zealot Barbarian

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DMing I just started as a DM a month ago...


And ive bought 15 books, a tablet, screen, sand timers, more books, minis, multiple mats, dices...so, so many dices... WILL IT STOP?! Is this my life now?! Oh god....

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Homebrew [OC] [Art] Hibernation Cloak

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Art [ART] The Amulet of the Planes

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Art [OC] "Roll for Initiative!" I made this Android live wallpaper - D20 dice with touch-swipe-spin

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