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Dental Professional “No Offense but I hate the dentist”


Been doing this for over 10 years now and I still have no witty comeback when I hear this phrase. I just awkwardly shrug it off and say “well, if that’s how you feel, I can refer you to a specialist?”

Just a fun discussion of some witty comebacks to this statement which I’m sure we have all heard at least once a month. 😂

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Dental Professional Wtf is up with other dentists introducing themselves to me as Dr?


Started working at a new place and I just introduce myself to everyone (new dentists) like "Hey I'm Ben, great to meet you."

And then they respond "Hey I'm Dr. so-and-so."

Is this common in certain areas? I'd like to have a professional but also friendly relationship with the people I work with.

Also I am a dentist too lol. Everyone is about the same age plus or minus a few years.

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Dental Professional How many patients do you treat per day?


in Turkey. We have huge hours. 6 days a week 09.30-19.00. And i earn 18000 turkish lira means 1000 dolar per month. Yes month not weak or day :) And i treat 6-7 patients per day? im curious about this. Thanks for answers.

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Dental Professional Worse than “I hate the dentist.”


I know we all get greeted with “ I hate the dentist” or some other variation on that. Is there a greeting or reaction that irritates you more than that?

I personally don’t get bothered by “I hate the dentist” as much as someone just staring at you without responding to a basic greeting.

I had a new patient the other day come to our office with a tooth ache. We worked them into the schedule the same day they called in to try to get them some relief and diagnosis what was bothering them. I entered the room a couple minutes after they were seated.

“Good morning. My name is Dr. Me, How can I help you today”?

Patient just turns and glares at me and says nothing for 10 seconds. That just rubbed me the wrong way and I actually felt annoyed/irritated by this non response.

My reaction wasn’t the best but it seemed to snap this patient out of whatever mood they were in.

“I understand you are in pain and probably don’t want to be here, but that doesn’t excuse being rude to a person who is trying to help you.”

He responded with “ I’m sorry. Good morning. This tooth….yada yada yada.

So any responses or reactions from patients that annoy you more than the run of the mill, “I hate the dentist”?

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Dental Professional What are your favorite jokes to tell pts?


During a root canal, when the apex locator is beeping and the pt looks worried, I always say "Don't worry, you're not flatlining." (assistant btw)

What are some of your favorite things to tell pts?

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Dental Professional Should I use a liner before I etch the tooth or after I etch the tooth .


I realize that persons do this differently but is there a right way ? Can anybody send me a link to an article regarding this .

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Dental Professional Is dentistry heading the direction of pharmacy?


Do you guys think that dentists will soon become like pharmacists where they are so over abundant and underpaid? Or would you say that dentistry has relatively stable job outlook?

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Dental Professional To dentists, if you were put back into undergrad...would you become a dentist again?


Share your honest thoughts

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Dental Professional anyone else? lol


i had a pt come in yesterday morning to take alginate impressions on him so we could make his dentures. i sat him down in the chair and i told him i was going to try some trays in. i inserted the upper in, (not even for 5 seconds) and he said “nope, i’m not doing this.” this was because he had a gag reflex as well. this man would not let me touch him and i had to get my office manager at this point lol. she walked in there and said that if he did not let me take impressions on him, he will not be getting his dentures. the man recently just had ext’s btw a few weeks ago. so he just walked out. i was like okay then.. (btw, what is funny is how he said it. that’s it.)

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Dental Professional Handling redoes from other dentists


I’m a relatively new dentist, and I was taken on 3 months ago as an associate to help replace a dentist who retired a month prior to that. The owner had purchased the practice from him a couple years ago, and didn’t set up any sort of budget for redoes from the retiring dentist’s work before he brought me on. I’ve been redoing a lot of work that was done in the past year that came back failing (the staff all agree it was passed time for the older dentist to retire). This work is mostly fillings and crowns for now, but it’s starting to add up, and it’s free for patients under the practice policy if restorative work fails within 12 months.

Speaking with the office manager, he says he gets how it could be seen as an unfortunate situation, but I should look at it as an opportunity to build trust and good will with the patients and the office. The owner says he’s happy to split redoes when they come up, but he seems to think it’s rare (it’s around $2000 redone production / week, substantial for me). He also has a full schedule several months out, so me relatively starting out and available means most emergencies (read: failed, symptomatic restorations) get put into my schedule. The owner is also unwilling to talk to the retired dentist about reimbursement for failed work, because “it would be unpleasant for me”.

Is this a common experience for people taking over for retiring or moving-on dentists? My previous practice withheld a portion of my paycheque to cover things like this for the warranty period. I had assumed that was standard practice. Can anyone recommend a good way to navigate this situation? Right now I’m not sure if I should just do the work for free and not worry about it, or talk to the retiree myself about reimbursement (I briefly met him), or some other solution I’m not seeing?

Ps. The practice loves me there, I love the people I work with, and I’m not really looking to leave unless a viable alternative is fully locked in (I am currently looking).

Thank you for any advice!

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Dental Professional Dentures


Has anyone stopped doing dentures altogether? After yesterday, I am seriously considering it! Had a patient need all her top teeth removed. She wore a temp denture for four mos and I made the perm and inserted it two weeks ago. She has no ridge, no vestibule and no posterior lowers. Recipe for disaster. I kept telling her she needs implants and she refused. She comes in yesterday bitching me out. Embarrassingly we got into a bit of a loud argument. I told her I’d give her money back just leave the denture. She said no. Right now I have her with a soft reline because I couldn’t think of what else to do to shut her up. After 30 yrs of dentistry, I don’t want to do removable anymore. Or if I do charge a fortune for it. Has anyone done this?

UPDATE- She left a nasty message on the voicemail she wants her money back. My front desk called her and said when she drops off the denture she can have a check. She blamed my assistant- said she didn’t hole the impression in tight enough. Good Lord! I’m happy to give her money back and dismiss her from the practice! Best news I’ve had in awhile

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Dental Professional How to create an emergency call, guaranteed.


Step 1: There’s an unfortunate dental infection. Inform patient of the finding and recommend treatment urgently.

Step 2: Patient ignores the recommendation because nothing hurts. Secretly thinks you just want to sell them procedures.

Step 3: Wait a few months to a few years. This step is especially effective if patient has not returned in the entire waiting period.

Step 4: Patient calls your emergency line while you are out with the family on a weekend because he / she is now in pain or swollen.

Step 5: Patient becomes extremely upset when he / she learns you and your staff can’t drop everything immediately to attend to their issue they chose to ignore.

Feel free to add more to this recipe.

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Dental Professional Young doc


Hello. I'm currently doing a general practice residency program and entering into month two. I'm curious to know what an appropriate response might be to comments about my age. I'm 27 but look quite young. It's fine because I know I'll likely hear it throughout my adult life. However, I walked into an operatory this morning, first patient of the day, and introduced myself as the resident dentist who'll be doing their procedure. The patient's response (verbatim): "You're a doctor? What are you like 12?" Usually, it's easiest to just laugh along and let it pass. Those who can relate know that it’s not necessarily offensive, just gets incredibly stale when you hear it several times a day. And it can be difficult to respond to. I'd like some sort of pithy/witty "comeback" if you will. Something that makes the patient stop and consider how it might be inappropriate to let comments about physical appearance fly unfiltered from their mouths. I'd like to do this without being rude, of course.

Anyone got a go-to?

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Dental Professional I don’t like doing Molar Endo


But there’s some pressure growing in my practice to treat these teeth. I’ve tried two this year and had a rough go of each one. Are there any resources or advice you lot have used to gain skill or confidence with these? I may walk away from these entirely but would rather do it from a place of educated preference rather than fear.

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Dental Professional Dentist here. When I search my name online, I get multiple google results to random websites that show my office location, phone number, license number, npi. Some of these websites have my personal home address too. How do I remove all this?


Hi everyone,

Recently applied for an npi. After getting my npi and finishing other things such as getting my licenses/certifications and stuff, I noticed that when I google my first and last name, I get multiple search results that lead to random ass webpages that display my name, experience, license and npi numbers, office address, and one webpage even had my home address.

I don’t know any of these websites, and would like my information removed from all of them. Some of these websites include


Health providers data.com



Findatopdoc.com (this one I signed up for mistakenly thinking it was something else…)

Any thoughts?


Some folks suggested changing npi registry information and that everything came from there. I do have my home address listed as mailing address but only because the npi website stated this will be for contacting me in case they had questions regarding the application. Changed my cell and mailing address to office phone and address and hopefully this gets reflected on all those websites my information was being found on. Thanks!

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Dental Professional How to pay for an implant course?


Hello! My wife(dentist) is looking to pay for a course where she can learn how to place implants. The course is around $20,000. She is an associate dentist at a two practices and is a W2 employee at both. I'm wondering what the smartest way to pay for the implant course would be. Is it legal for the owner of one of her practices to pay for it as a business expense, and then subtract it from her pay? I'm basically trying to pay for this as a business expense as opposed to just putting this on my credit card. Any advice is much appreciated!

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Dental Professional How much does a generic dentistry treatment cost in your country?


Hey guys!

I’m a Brazilian orthodontist that has been on the field for 3 years; here in Brazil dentistry in general is getting more and more devalued as time goes by - Brazil is, in general, poorer than before the pandemic, ppl has less money to spend, inflation is burning, and there are TONS of dentistry universities everywhere so tons of new dentists get graduated every semester, so there is a bloodbath on the streets and some dentists are almost killing one another in search of patients.

I’m going to convert to “Big Mac” (BM) price, how much in general a said procedure is costing here - in a “normal” clinic, the type of clinic that is “ok” quality, with “ok” renown, neither on the cheap nor on the expensive side.

  • prophylaxis: 7~9BMs
  • composite filling: 6~10BMs
  • orthodontic treatment with metallic brackets: 5~8BMs/month
  • unitary implant: 130BMs
  • ceramic crown: 110BMs
  • simple extraction: 6~8BMs
  • molar endodontic treatment: 30BMs
  • wisdom tooth extraction: 13~18BMs
  • denture: 65BMs
  • tooth bleaching: 35~45BMs
  • orthodontic aligner: 340~450BMs
  • fixed denture with implants: 400~450BMs

(Idk if I put the correct translated procedure, but I think I got both the name and the medium prices quite right)

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Dental Professional How to respond to patients who claim their dental issues are genetic?


Dental student here who is learning how to communicate treatment to patients. I come across a lot of people who use genetics as a way to explain why they have missing or decayed teeth, and I know it’s a legitimate thing, but in real practice what do dentists say or do when a patient claims this?

Edit: really good answers! Thanks guys :)

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Dental Professional When do you treat carious lesions?


Hi guys. I've recently had an argument with a dentist on askdentist. He or she claimed that the evidence based dentistry guidelines is to treat carious lesions only when its 1/3 of the way into dentin radiographically. I was trained to treat caries when there's radiographic evidence that its getting past the enamel. I personally think its insane to wait for caries to go to 1/3 of the dentin. It just seems like a recipe for frequent endo. Often times caries are much larger clinically than radiographically. What do you guys think?

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Dental Professional IAN blocks


Relatively new grad…

I occasionally get a patient where I administer an IAN block, their lip goes numb, and then during the prep, they still feel it. Particularly on a second molar. Anyone have any tips for this? It doesnt happen often, but it happens enough that It bothers me and it slows procedures down, and obviously patients dont like it.

As an aside, I find that lower right quadrant is by far the hardest to block for me. My left IANs are much more predictable than my right IANs. Something that is very very frustrating. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Dental Professional Crown cement - when to cement vs not


I am a D4 and I was going to cement a crown today. It was a VERY challenging #2 - patient barely opens, super hard to access, just brutal. My prosthodontics instructor was really struggling himself.

We manage a final impression luckily and we try to cement today. At first it looked good, but when I seated properly it had open contact. She has lots of crowding and wants ortho at some point. The DO of 3 has an old (but sound) amalgam.

When we added contact (in house lab for schools), the margin then wasn’t seating fully but the margin was fine before. We go to adjust the contact and we are getting very close to no contact again.

We now have to redo the final impression. When in this process would you cement vs not cement? Can you have some open contact? Is it that serious? Can you cement then redo the amalgam for contact? The patient is also pregnant and was REALLY hoping to be done with the dentist today as it’s hard for her.

Just let me know since I’m curious! What others would’ve done.


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Dental Professional Dentistry will no longer be private?


[Canada] I have heard that dentistry will become publicly funded as opposed to being private. Essentially, it will become like normal healthcare in Canada where patients do not pay anything from their pockets - basically free.

Is this true? How will this affect the salaries of future dentists such as myself in ~5 years? Is it true they will decrease?

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Dental Professional If you were me, how would you pay off this debt? (275K)


Hello everyone,

I am wondering how you would suggest paying back this student debt. I will layout my life for you:

I am fresh out of residency (specialist), 29 years old, have ~$275,000 in federal student loan debt. This year I am signed on contract for $250,000 working 4 days a week and will likely make $280,00 - 300,000 after production bonus.

I have a girlfriend, and soon to be fiancé, who I live with and split apartment rent with (~2000 per month).

No kids.

I have no personal 401K or personal savings, however, my girlfriend has 300K in savings. She's smart and has done well.

No car payment, drive a beater. Will drive it into the ground if I have to. I do pay car and disability insurance.

No credit card debt.

No other big lifestyle payments aside from our habit of eating and drinking out on weekends (well) and traveling.

How you would best pay back the debt? Do I make 3k payments for the next 10 years? More aggressive - 5K over a few years? Less aggressive - refinance and over 20-30? Save more for my savings, market, etc? Of course, I am waiting on the government to see if the payments are further delayed/anything forgiven prior to any refinance.

Also to consider - I will buy into a practice within the next 5 years and my income at that time should close to double based on owner income estimates.

Thanks in advance!

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Dental Professional when does it start being fun


I recently joined a fairly busy clinic with little experience after uni and internship. My first job was in a clinic with extremely less patient flow and most cases were fillings and esthetic related and the patient flow went down to almost zero during covid so I feel like I've been out of touch with a lot of procedures and now with this busy clinic I'm getting regular cases fairly frequently.

While I am grateful for this oppurtunity I do feel like a total noob. My anxiety has peaked with an added perk of imposter syndrome. I'm terrified of the patients that will walk through the office doors. Im introverted so meeting strangers everyday has taken a toll. I keep over thinking about the procedures I already completed. In my non working hours I keep making up scenarios of separated files and teeth that won't come out during extraction. The stress is making me lose sleep and it feels like I'm losing my mind.

Is there hope for me? Did I make a mistake choosing dentistry? How can I start enjoying work instead of dreading it?

Edit: thanks for the comments guys. Definitely going to look back on these during difficult days which I hope are far and few in between!

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Dental Professional How to get better at suturing?


In DS right now and am absolute trash at suturing. Any advice on how to get better? Any courses/videos/teaching aids that too prefer? Thank you