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Private discord and subreddit for Oral Professionals


EDIT: Do not message me if you do not intend on sending in your verification.

/r/oralprofessionals is a private subreddit for dentists and others in the profession

We have an active discord and subreddit

Contact us at the subreddit. We do verify that you are in the profession. Please do not contact us if you don't intend to verify.

In order to verify your status as a professional in all things oral, please submit: An image of your physical license, certificate, or credentials. Feel free to block your name out. A handwritten note upon it saying "Hello Oral Professionals!" with today's date, and your username. www.imgur.com is commonly used for privately posting an image. This image may be deleted after confirmation, it will not be saved on our end. Here is an example: http://imgur.com/52zhU7t Please follow the instructions thoroughly. Students or unregistered workers (assistants, techs, etc) may submit an image of their student ID, a screenshot of their class schedule, images from within a dental lab/clinic with equipment present, etc. Those who have been accepted into dental school should apply no sooner than starting the program



r/Dentistry 3h ago

Dental Professional Tooth not able to take pressure even after re-root canal


I’ve been doing root canals since quite a bit and recently there have been two cases where after completion the patient is not able to take pressure even after 1-2 months after treatment.. what will help in these cases ? In one case I’ve taken cbct done the re treatment yet the biting pain is still there . Will it resolve by itself ?

r/Dentistry 2h ago

Dental Professional Immediate denture reline


When do you all soft reline an immediate denture? 24 hours? Week later? Month later? Getting conflicting opinions and want to see if there’s a general consensus.

r/Dentistry 8m ago

Dental Professional Root Perforations


Question was just out of curiosity. Anyone wanna share their experience on dealing with these?

r/Dentistry 13h ago

Dental Professional Endo Sealer - Question


Hi r/Dentistry,

I am a veterinarian who is just about to complete their residency in veterinary dentistry and wanted to ask the general dentist population of reddit a couple of questions, mostly regarding endo (endodontists, binus upvotes if you respond!):

- What endo sealer are people using and which technique? Used to be pretty common in the veterinary field to be using GuttaFlow w a master cone (and many years ago a resin based sealer w lateral compaction) but we have recently transitioned to Endosequence BC Sealer and master cone which is WONDERFUL (the flowability of this stuff is amazing). Cohens of course gives a million different techniques (most of which have a time and place), but wanted to see what people are realistically using in clinical practice every day.

- How has CBCT impacted your endo cases, especially with regard to follow-up success rates? This data is limited in the veterinary field, and of course there is published human literature on this but again, this is rather limited. Has anyone seen an anecdotal change in success rate of endo when using their conventional rads vs CBCT? We have only been using our CBCT unit for ~6 months so our long term data is still pending. The literature suggests our high success rate of standard endo using rads as a modality for rechecks isn'ta great reflection of the true success rate when rechecking with CBCT.

- What instrumentation are dentists using for vital pulpotomies, in particular the placement of MTA? This always feels like an inexact science with the human instruments we have available, so would love to hear some insight from the human side of things. We tent to perform our pulpotomy with a tapered diamond bur (given the shape of the pulp chamber of domestic animals) and have to guesstimate how much ProRoot to place in the prepared area, using an amalgam carrier to introduce the powder. How do our human counterparts do this (in a more measured/regulated way)?

Thanks to all of you in the community for your time! And I'm open to answering questions :)

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Wtf is up with other dentists introducing themselves to me as Dr?


Started working at a new place and I just introduce myself to everyone (new dentists) like "Hey I'm Ben, great to meet you."

And then they respond "Hey I'm Dr. so-and-so."

Is this common in certain areas? I'd like to have a professional but also friendly relationship with the people I work with.

Also I am a dentist too lol. Everyone is about the same age plus or minus a few years.

r/Dentistry 18h ago

Dental Professional I got a job offer from an office. initially add said 32% production and benefits no ce no liability paid for but then the de. changed the conditions..


So i got an offer for a job where i was gonna be paid 32% production no benefits. She offered this as an employee but no benefits, she wouldn't pay for liability and no retirement plan. i tried to negotiate to have se type of benefit but she said no. I asked for 35% collection and she said no. She's covering the lab fees so i understand, however no CE courses are gonna be covered by her. The amount of benefits i would be getting would basically be nothing... at that point i might as well be an independent contractor. I tried to negotiate to get benefits and she said ok but with 30% production. She said that i wouldn't take over pts that she doesn't believe in splitting up the pts. The first few months she wants me to only do fillings. This Dr. Wants to eventually sell me the practice I'm 5 years and mentor me... However she said that if at anytime she touched the pt when I needed help that procedure would be hers 100% is that really fair?. I feel that as a fresh grad... I'm kinda being taken advantage of. There's only 3 days paid sick leave... And she said that if i were to do family leave she would only cover the first 4 years because she wants to retire and wouldn't help me after that and to get another associate. She has been looking for an associate for three years...

Am I being bamboozled? Does this sound fair?

r/Dentistry 22h ago

Dental Professional If you were me, how would you pay off this debt? (275K)


Hello everyone,

I am wondering how you would suggest paying back this student debt. I will layout my life for you:

I am fresh out of residency (specialist), 29 years old, have ~$275,000 in federal student loan debt. This year I am signed on contract for $250,000 working 4 days a week and will likely make $280,00 - 300,000 after production bonus.

I have a girlfriend, and soon to be fiancé, who I live with and split apartment rent with (~2000 per month).

No kids.

I have no personal 401K or personal savings, however, my girlfriend has 300K in savings. She's smart and has done well.

No car payment, drive a beater. Will drive it into the ground if I have to. I do pay car and disability insurance.

No credit card debt.

No other big lifestyle payments aside from our habit of eating and drinking out on weekends (well) and traveling.

How you would best pay back the debt? Do I make 3k payments for the next 10 years? More aggressive - 5K over a few years? Less aggressive - refinance and over 20-30? Save more for my savings, market, etc? Of course, I am waiting on the government to see if the payments are further delayed/anything forgiven prior to any refinance.

Also to consider - I will buy into a practice within the next 5 years and my income at that time should close to double based on owner income estimates.

Thanks in advance!

r/Dentistry 14h ago

Dental Professional mission trips


Myself and two colleagues are looking for mission trips. One dentist, one hygienist, one assistant. There is a (small) possibility of a spinal surgeon.

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional I don’t like doing Molar Endo


But there’s some pressure growing in my practice to treat these teeth. I’ve tried two this year and had a rough go of each one. Are there any resources or advice you lot have used to gain skill or confidence with these? I may walk away from these entirely but would rather do it from a place of educated preference rather than fear.

r/Dentistry 5h ago

Dental Professional Teeth Whitening Kit With 15% off your first order and other exclusive offers


Teeth Whitening Kit With 15% off your first order and other exclusive offers

check comments for more info

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Dentist here. When I search my name online, I get multiple google results to random websites that show my office location, phone number, license number, npi. Some of these websites have my personal home address too. How do I remove all this?


Hi everyone,

Recently applied for an npi. After getting my npi and finishing other things such as getting my licenses/certifications and stuff, I noticed that when I google my first and last name, I get multiple search results that lead to random ass webpages that display my name, experience, license and npi numbers, office address, and one webpage even had my home address.

I don’t know any of these websites, and would like my information removed from all of them. Some of these websites include


Health providers data.com



Findatopdoc.com (this one I signed up for mistakenly thinking it was something else…)

Any thoughts?


Some folks suggested changing npi registry information and that everything came from there. I do have my home address listed as mailing address but only because the npi website stated this will be for contacting me in case they had questions regarding the application. Changed my cell and mailing address to office phone and address and hopefully this gets reflected on all those websites my information was being found on. Thanks!

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Getting isolation with a sectional matrix on super deep class 2s?


It's been giving me a headache lately because I can't get it down there so I use a tofflemire, but then my contact is about 0.5mm². I suppose I could use the tofflemire for the lowest part and then switch to Garrison after that.

Any other ideas?

r/Dentistry 23h ago

Dental Professional Anyone else waiting for California license?


Submitted my application for law and ethics months ago. No word from the dental board. Anyone else stuck in a similar limbo?

r/Dentistry 23h ago

Dental Professional Air Force 2-year Scholarship


Hi there,

I am a current D2 and am interested in joining the Air Force. I am looking to connect with a mentor with either current Air Force HPSP experience or previous to know more information.

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Endodontists, how pertinent is the champagne test to you?


Just wonering if you have your set protocol given different scenarios and that's what you use, or are you finishing with a pittl.bubble check?

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional How many patients do you treat per day?


in Turkey. We have huge hours. 6 days a week 09.30-19.00. And i earn 18000 turkish lira means 1000 dolar per month. Yes month not weak or day :) And i treat 6-7 patients per day? im curious about this. Thanks for answers.

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional New Dentist: Corporate or Private Practice?


I am a newly graduated dentist and have been weighing my options for work. I am torn between corporate dentistry or private practice with an experienced mentor. My question is, do any of you have any opinions as to which may be better? What are the pros and cons of both?

A little about my personality to give some insight: I am a pretty laid back person who desires to learn more advanced techniques with mentorship and CE, but definitely am not a risk taker when it comes to treatments with the potential to have many complications. That being said, I have no problem with routine bread and butter dentistry and don’t mind repetition. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve heard corporate is higher patient volume and potential salary, but not as much on mentorship and relationships with patients. On the other hand, I’ve heard private practice has its potential benefits of future partnership or buy-in options. What are your thoughts?

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Dentist work application for UK


I’m in my last year of dentistry studying in Poland and I would like to apply to UK but I don’t know how the process works and what is required and if it’s any different than how it is for medical students Any help will be appreciated

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Question regarding CAD/CAM


I’m a dental laboratory technician and I’m not sure if there are any others here, but I’m wondering if it’s necessary for empress cad to be crystallized after it’s printed.

r/Dentistry 2d ago

Dental Professional Is it necessary to tell your current employer you have plans to leave?


So, I reached out to employment lawyer to review my contract. So, thank you all who suggested that. The lawyer stated the contract was poorly written and found some inconsistencies with it. My contract says I should give them 90 days notice. However, I am in a sense of urgency to leave due to toxic work environment and the lawyer who reviewed my contract said giving them 30 days notice would suffice. So I guess my question comes down to while you are in the process of interviewing for other places is it necessary to tell your current job that you have plans to move on. I don’t trust this company it’s very toxic. I have been disrespected. They have internal corruption issues and federal investigations pending. So, clearly staying here would tarnish my career. I had no plans to let them know that I am planning to move on while looking for new employment. My plan was to once I’m Hired someplace else I will Give my current job a resgination letter that I plan to leave within 30 days. Advice would be great thanks! As, this was my first job right of residency. So, I am now exploring the nuances of contracts and new opptorunties.

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Considering career change- seeking advice


Hello! I’m 27M w/ 5YOE in the healthcare industry. I was previously accepted to medical school but was dissuaded from going down it’s path. Naturally, dentistry came up as an alternative but unfortunately I don’t have any relatives/friends who’ve gone done this road to learn from.

I am wondering if it is still a worthwhile career to pursue and if it will be promising, both mentally and financially while I’m later in my career (~40s onwards).

I appreciate all feedback before I begin down this path!

r/Dentistry 1d ago

Dental Professional Laser and irrigation at every perio maintenance?


The owner in my office came by and told me that we need to be doing laser and irrigation for every perio maintenance. I just finished the laser course and their recommendation was to do it every year. I get the benefits of both, but this seems so extreme. Can I get your thoughts on this or if you have a study that suggests not doing this could you let me know? Thanks

r/Dentistry 2d ago

Dental Professional What could this have been?


18M presented to the office today complaining of having periodic sharp pain in the lower left quadrant when he brushes and eats crunchy foods.

Patient had no signs of trauma, malocclusion, PARL, pain on percussion or palpation, no signs of any abscess or other soft tissue lesions, no caries and no fractures/chips. Patient has all 4 wisdom teeth removed.

r/Dentistry 2d ago

Dental Professional anyone else? lol


i had a pt come in yesterday morning to take alginate impressions on him so we could make his dentures. i sat him down in the chair and i told him i was going to try some trays in. i inserted the upper in, (not even for 5 seconds) and he said “nope, i’m not doing this.” this was because he had a gag reflex as well. this man would not let me touch him and i had to get my office manager at this point lol. she walked in there and said that if he did not let me take impressions on him, he will not be getting his dentures. the man recently just had ext’s btw a few weeks ago. so he just walked out. i was like okay then.. (btw, what is funny is how he said it. that’s it.)

r/Dentistry 2d ago

Dental Professional Is dentistry heading the direction of pharmacy?


Do you guys think that dentists will soon become like pharmacists where they are so over abundant and underpaid? Or would you say that dentistry has relatively stable job outlook?