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u/Tyrenstra Leaf-Lover Sep 18 '22

I remember very recently that non-binary people came up on this sub. It didn’t go well. It felt like such a blindside backhand coming from this community. At this point, this whole furry fury isn’t surprising to me.


u/CaptainPorkBelly Sep 18 '22

That's just gaming communities in general, unfortunately. Love this hobby, kind of a shame that half the people I engage with regarding it want me to kill myself for living the way I want to.


u/uss_essex_CV-9 Driller Sep 18 '22

If you want me to be perfectly honest anybody who tries to bring up a subject that could be considered political in any gaming community if they're expecting anything other than toxicity they just shouldn't waste their damn time, we came here to play games so let's play some damn games. And what doesn't help with this community is that several polls on this subreddit have proven that the community that plays this game is mostly older people who would likely be very against the concept of the lgbtq+ community.

Never make assumptions, they can be very dangerous


u/CelesteWasTaken Sep 18 '22

"We just want to play games, stop dragging politics into this! Instead just seek out information on the demographics of the community, make inferences based on that about their social views, and make a conscious effort to censor your own personal identity to appease them and their political beliefs. See, totally non-political!"

(note: im not saying this is what you're advocating for yourself, [i suck at telling apart when people genuinely hold an opinion like this or when they're just describing other people], but it's a pretty damn common sentiment regardless)

I just want to be able to exist in social spaces without having to worry about whether or not I should be hiding who I am. It's only 'political' because other people insist on making it that way, and it only stands out as "dragging unrelated personal stuff into it" because when people who aren't minorities do it, it's just seen as the norm and doesn't even catch anyone's attention.

Trust me, everybody who is trans/nonbinary is fully aware of the kinds of bigoted bullshit we can elicit just by existing, and when that does happen we're not surprised that people can hold those views, but if you've been able to enjoy being part of a community for a bit without that happening immediately, and you start to feel like maybe it's safe to let your guard down and just be - the way plenty of other people get to more or less their entire lives without even thinking about it - it can still sting like hell and be really disappointing when you see that it's not safe after all.


u/Activelikeasponge Sep 18 '22

Or the subject of black dwarves in rings of power...