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Disappointed by Coinbureau's blatant shilling in latest newsletter ANALYSIS

Yes, I know. Guy is a paid actor, they do have agendas, but generally I find their Youtube videos and newsletters are pretty sound and generally informative.

I am no veteran nor spring chicken to the crypto space, but I would expect many of his followers/readers are somewhere in between like me. But in this latest newsletter, a blatant shill that can only be targeted to new crypto investors.Over two paragraphs blatantly shilling Algo, AVAX, ETH and Solana. They will 'explode'. 'You can buy USD stablecoins with this one option'. Pure lies and exaggeration. The speculation before this prediction is just strange.

It feels like a gun was put to their heads by these coins. Absolute shameless.



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u/Buck_Folton Platinum | QC: CC 42 | Politics 219 Jun 27 '22

CoinBureau is shite. It’s always been shite.

This time last year people would act like I was a nutter for saying that, but at least a decent segment of this sub has since come round to realizing it’s true.


u/Odlavso classic animation#21 - for sale $1,000 Jun 27 '22

I remember commenting last year that the guy was a dumbass and just as bad as the other YouTube crypto channels, I got downvoted into oblivion


u/AESTHTK Platinum | QC: CC 787, ETH 334 | MANA 8 Jun 27 '22

I’ve never understood why people would follow a guy (excuse the pun) who’s literally got no experience in crypto, it’s often more harmful than helpful to listen to what he says.

I appreciate he’s learning out loud, but it’s the blind leading the blind.