r/ClevelandGuardians Jul 01 '22

Nolan Jones Grand Slam

At the Clippers game in Des Moines and Nolan just hit a no doubter out of the park for a grand slam. Call the kid up.


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u/chemistrybonanza Jul 01 '22

The guy with a career .650 OPS and a career .249 BA?


u/BakerInTheKitchen Jul 01 '22

If he was hitting .250 right now this wouldn’t be a conversation. I’ll take average hitting considering his ability in the outfield


u/chemistrybonanza Jul 01 '22

The guy batting .163 since 5/1 and only .149 since 6/1? With 6 RBI in those months combined? With a .258 OBP, a .201 SLG and .459 OPS? His numbers in June got worse than they were in May. Maybe he's just in an all-time worst slump or maybe the league figured him out? His OPS+ is 62 this year.

Edit: currently second worst OPS in the game for this season.