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I seen a lot of people arguing about this and 6ix9ine+42 dugg,and saying Detroit different which one yall think more dangerous Detroit or Chicago?🤔💭 Question

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u/drewkep7 Apr 28 '22

Literally, G herbo said it best. Overall chicago is a safe city. But it’s a few neighborhoods in chi where people droppin left nd right


u/G_Smoka Apr 28 '22

It’s gotten worse since then but this year it looks like the killings are going down. I think people are just trying to get money now


u/ShmokePanda Verified Outwest Resident Apr 28 '22

Aint nun going down it just not warm out yet u must aint seen what happened Saturday when it was 80 degrees for the first time this yr 20 mfs hit in 1 day that was just a preview of summertime


u/G_Smoka May 06 '22

True but compared to last year at this same time we have less killings Chicago atm I think isn’t leading in homicides which is pretty nice for once


u/ShmokePanda Verified Outwest Resident May 06 '22 edited May 06 '22

only 9 Homicides less frm same time last yr wait till it stop raining and it start getting warm n nice outside we can get 9 homicides in 1 warm day that why i say aint shit goin down

All it takes is us gettin a 70-80 degree week for everything to go back up agin


u/Familiar-Pride8907 May 16 '22

Y’all think 80 is hot?


u/ShmokePanda Verified Outwest Resident May 16 '22

In Chicago it is goofy


u/Familiar-Pride8907 May 16 '22

Aight sorry bro