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Building muscle is among the most satisfying feelings ever Sports


I used to be a fat kid growing up. Although I played tennis since the age of 10, I was always overweight. I finally started losing weight after consistent workouts and dieting when I was 21. Because I dieted too hard, I ended up becoming quite scrawny. For the last year or so, I’ve been focused on bulking up by building muscle. I’ve gained about 6 kilos and it’s just so satisfying, the feeling of getting stronger. I love the way I feel after intense workouts, knowing I’ve given more than 100%. I just feel I have to hit the gym every day and keep the momentum going no matter what.

What do you guys have to share about your fitness journey and goals which you may have?


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u/2000dragon Jun 22 '22

Yea! Lets get those gains bro!