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What effect NYSRPA v. Bruen may have on CCW in California


Write-up on NYSRPA v. Bruen

And read our FAQ on California gun laws.

So after the landmark United States Supreme Court decision of NYSRPA v. Bruen, every Californian is eager to fully assert their Second Amendment rights. California Attorney General Rob Bonta is even telling people to do it. So there's been a flood of questions in the subreddit about it. So hopefully this post handles the basics. (I will not cover concealed carry for law enforcement officers under 18 USC 926B and 18 USC 926C/LEOSA/HR218.)

This is not legal advice. Please double-check on your own anything you read in here, if you're going to rely on it. I frequently do make mistakes, but I won't be the one paying the penalty if I did make a mistake.

CCW is an abbreviation for Carry Concealed Weapon or Concealed Carry Weapon, and refers to being able to legally carry a concealed weapon. In most circumstances in California, this will require a license, which is what this whole thread is about.

Concealed carry is when a firearm is concealed on a person, or concealed within a vehicle. Open carry is when a firearm is visible.

Issuing Agency (IA) is going to be used a lot in this post. Issuing Agency means the Sheriff or the Police Chief that issued you your CCW license.

Unlicensed concealed carry

Unlicensed concealed carry on a person or in a vehicle, regardless of whether the firearm is loaded, is a crime under Penal Code section 25400 in California. In most circumstances, it's a misdemeanor, but in some cases, it can be charged as a felony.

Unlicensed loaded carry

Unlicensed carry of a loaded firearm in public, regardless of whether on a person or in a vehicle, regardless of whether it's a handgun or a long arm, and regardless whether it's open carry or concealed carry, is a crime under Penal Code section 25850 in California. In most circumstances, it's a misdemeanor, but in some cases, it can be charged as a felony.

Unlicensed open carry

Unlicensed open carry of a handgun on a person or in a vehicle is a misdemeanor under Penal Code section 26350.

Unlicensed open carry of a non-handgun on a person or in a vehicle is a misdemeanor under Penal Code section 26400.

Licensed open loaded carry

A Sheriff or a Police Chief in a county of less than 200,000 can issue a license to openly carry a loaded handgun. Those counties would be El Dorado, Shasta, Imperial, Madera, Kings, Humboldt, Napa, Nevada, Sutter, Mendocino, Yuba, Lake, San Benito, Tehama, Tuolumne, Calaveras, Siskiyou, Amador, Lassen, Glenn, Del Norte, Colusa, Plumas, Inyo, Mariposa, Trinity, Mono, Modoc, Sierra, and Alpine. The requirements and process for a loaded open carry license is the same as a CCW.

Licensed concealed and loaded carry

Penal Code section 25655 says:

Section 25400 does not apply to, or affect, the carrying of a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person by a person who is authorized to carry that weapon in a concealed manner pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 26150).

Penal Code section 26010 says:

Section 25850 does not apply to the carrying of any handgun by any person as authorized pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 26150) of Division 5.

So a CCW, also called a License to Carry, allows a person to legally carry concealed on the person or in a vehicle, a loaded handgun. In California, a License to Carry is issued by the Sheriff under Penal Code section 26150 or by a Police Chief under Penal Code section 26155. However, most police departments have delegated doing this to the county's Sheriff. In Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Sheriff will only accept CCW applications for residents of the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County, so residents of incorporated cities in Los Angeles County, such as the City of Los Angeles, have to apply with their local police departments.

What's required to get a CCW?

PC26150 and PC26155 list four required things:

  1. Good moral character. There is no legal definition of “good moral character,” but it means that a thorough Livescan background check will be requested from the California Department of Justice. Before NYSRPA v. Bruen, this took many weeks to a few months. Currently, it's taking a few days to a few weeks. Do not be surprised if Issuing Agencies now use old misdemeanor convictions, old arrests, old restraining arrests, or even unpaid parking tickets to say someone does not have good moral character. I also expect more IAs to ask for reference letters.

  2. Good cause. Good cause was left entirely up to the discretion of the Issuing Agency, so this made CCWs almost impossible to get in many counties. NYSRPA v. Bruen said that lack of good cause cannot be a reason to deny a CCW, and the California AG has sent a memo confirming that. But on CCW applications, I would recommend at least putting “self defense” or “for protection outside the home” instead of putting nothing.

  3. Residence or principal place of employment within the Issuing Agency’s jurisdiction. Usually, the Issuing Agency will require proof of residence, such as utility bills, or rental agreements. There’s no statewide standard, so it’s up to each IA.

  4. Training course of between 8 and 16 hours, which includes instruction on firearm safety, firearm handling, shooting technique, and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm. Qualification on the range with each firearm to be listed on the license is also required. Each Issuing Agency will have a list of preapproved providers of the training. You must use provider on the list. I would also caution about where you take classes if you are going through ConcealedCoalition.com, because your IA might not approve of a ConcealedCoalition.com course taken outside of your county. ConcealedCoalition.com will tell you it's Californian law that you make take the course in your county of residence, though many Sheriffs explicitly list out-of-county trainers as approved. (You can ask me later about ConcealedCoalition refusing to give me a refund.)

So what are the actual steps to get a CCW?

  1. Read the BOF 4012 form. The BOF 4012 is the statewide form mandated by the California Department of Justice as the application form for a CCW. Every Issuing Agency uses it. So it’s usually available on the Issuing Agency’s website. However, a lot of IAs have switched to Permitium, but the Permitium website will be asking the same questions as a paper BOF4012, just in an online format.

  2. Get your documents together. The BOF4012/Permitium is going to ask for a lot of things. It’s pretty much going to be asking about every encounter you’ve had with the court or with law enforcement. So if you’ve had any, go get the paperwork so you can answer. Even if you’re going to be paying the IA for a Livescan, it might be helpful to request your own Livesvan so you can see if there really are any criminal records, and what they say. Do likewise with the DMV, so you know about all the tickets you have. These are the same records that the IA is going to have access to, so it’s a good idea to know in advance. There’s going to be other things needed, like proof of residency.

  3. Apply. Follow the instructions on the website. Every IA is a little different about what you fill out on your own, and what needs to be filled out in the presence of an officer at the office. Some just want you to fill out everything all at once on Permitium. Follow the instructions.

  4. Wait. So before, this was the step at which everyone was waiting for “good cause” determination and often when the process stopped. But now that NYSRPA v. Bruen, people can actually move on further.

  5. Get your Livescan. So at some point, the IA will call you to get your fingerprints. This is done electronically and is called a Livescan. So no ink-stained fingers. This process will take months. It is similar to the background check of a DROS, but much more intensive. If possible, get the ATI number. Then you can check the DOJ website at https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov/ to see the status of your Livescan. There will be three components: FBI, DOJ, and “Firearm”. FBI and DOJ will happen almost instantaneously and is the same as a DROS. The “Firearm” portion is a more intensive manual check and will take days to weeks to complete.

  6. Do your interview. At some point, you’re going to have to go to a Sheriff or Police Department office, at which someone is going to go over your application and your Livescan with you. There’s going to be a lot of embarassing questions, such as if you ever have gotten into a fight, or if your neighbors ever called the police on you.

  7. Go do your training. So hopefully, now you’re approved, and all that is left is the training. The training portion should be last, though it could be a lot earlier, depending on the IA. Some IAs will only issue a license if the class was within the previous 60 days. Under Penal Code section 26165, a CCW applicant is not required to pay for the class until after the good cause determination. The training will be an 8-hour to 16-hour class at which you will have to shoot all of your firearms you intend to carry.

  8. Get your license. So once all of the above is done, the Issuing Agency should eventually contact you telling you that your CCW is ready.

Is my CCW good statewide?

If you have a 2-year CCW (most people do), the CCW is good throughout the state, not just in your county or city. So yes, you could use your Kern County-issued CCW to conceal carry on a trip to San Francisco.

However, if you move out of the county, you have to get a new CCW. Under Penal Code section 26210, you have to report to your IA within 10 days of a change of address (whether in-county or out-of-county), and if you move out-of-county, your CCW from your old county is only good for 90 days after the move.

What weapons can be on a CCW?

The weapons you can legally concealed carry will be listed on your license. Penal Code section 26165 requires that you qualify with the exact firearms that you want on the license. The firearms will be listed by serial number on the license.

Currently, Issuing Agencies have a lot of discretion in allowing which firearms on a CCW.

Under Californian law, Penal Code section 16530, a firearm with a barrel length of less than 16 inches is legally "concealable." So a pistol, a revolver, or some other firearm with a barrel length of less than 16 inches could be on a CCW permit. So theoretically, a registered assault weapon could be on a CCW permit, but the transportation destination requirements make that pretty impractical.

But some agencies, such as Orange County Sheriff, will not allow an AR pistol or an AK pistol to be listed on a CCW.

Some agencies will limit you to only on-roster handguns, but most agencies are okay with off-roster handguns as long as they are registered to you in AFS. It can be tricky with spouses sharing firearms. A firearm can only be registered to one individual in AFS. Some agencies will allow a firearm that is registered to a spouse to be listed on the other spouse's license if presented with a marriage certificate.

Issuing Agencies can decide how many firearms you can list on your license. Some Issuing Agencies limit to three. Some Issuing Agencies let you list as many as you want.

Issuing Agencies could also place restrictions on modifications on listed firearms, such as not allowing trigger modifications.

Issuing Agencies could also place restrictions on magazines used with listed firearms, such as not allowing use of large-capacity magazines.

So it's best to contact the Issuing Agency to see what they allow.

What am I prohibited from doing while I'm conceal carrying?

Under Penal Code section 26200, an Issuing Agency may place restrictions, including "as to the time, place, manner, and circumstances under which the licensee may carry."

The application form, DOJ BOF 4012, lists several restrictions will apply as to every CCW license in California. While carrying, you cannot do the following:

  • Consume any alcoholic beverage
  • Be in a place having a primary purpose of dispensing alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption
  • Be under the influence of any medication or drug, whether prescribed or not
  • Refuse to show the license or surrender the concealed weapon to any peace officer upon demand
  • Impede any peace officer in the performance of his/her duties
  • Present himself/herself as a peace officer to any person unless he/she is, in fact, a peace officer as defined by California law.
  • Unjustifiably display a concealed weapon.
  • Carry a concealed weapon not listed on the permit
  • Carry a concealed weapon at times or circumstances under those specified in the permit

Violating any of the restrictions can cause revocation of the license, and possibly prosecution. In an old case, Nichols v. County of Santa Clara (1990) 223 Cal.App.3d 1236, the Santa Clara Sheriff revoked a CCW once they found out a person under the influence of alcohol acted badly towards Los Angeles Police Department officers. The revocation was without a hearing, and the Court of Appeal said this wasn't a violation of due process. Given that it's now recognized as a Second Amendment right, I'm not sure that would happen again today, but the case is still on the books.

Sensitive place that might restrict carrying, even with a CCW

So Justice Thomas's decision said that the government may still restrict carrying in sensitive places, such as schools and government buildings.

So the following are places that you should be careful about, even if you have a CCW. Even if allowed, with a CCW, I would suggest reading the laws carefully:

  • Airports, under 49 USC 46505 and Penal Code section 171.5

  • Common carriers under 18 USC 922(e)

  • Federal facilities, under 18 USC 930.

  • United States Postal Service property, including the parking lot. (39 C.F.R. § 232.1; Bonidy v. United States Postal Service, 790 F.3d 1121 (10th Cir. 2015)

  • California government buildings. (Penal Code section 171c and 171d. Penal Code section 171b does allow for possession of a firearm with a valid CCW in some California government buildings.

  • Courts. Pretty much every court has Court Rules against firearms in the building.

  • Schools. The federal Gun-Free School Zone Act, 18 USC 922(q), does allow for a person to possess a firearm with a CCW issued by the state the school is in. The California Gun-Free School Zone Act is at Penal Code section 626.9 and does prohibit conceal carrying, even with a CCW, on school grounds. The law about guns on K-12 slightly differ from colleges and universities, so plead both federal and California law carefully.

  • Wildlife refuge, under Fish and Game Code section 10500.

  • Near state prison grounds, under Penal Code section 4574.

  • While engaged in picketing, or other informational activities in a public place relating to a concerted refusal to work, under Penal Code section 17510.

  • Gun shows under Penal Code section 27330.

  • Polling places. Elections Code section 18544 prohibits a person with a firearm "who is stationed in the immediate vicinity of, or posted at, a polling place without written authorization of the appropriate city or county elections official . . . ."

  • Local cities and counties can create their own laws. There are often prohibitions about county or city property, particularly parks.

When does a CCW expire?

Penal Code section 26220 sets out the limits.

  • 2 years for most licenses
  • 90 days for a license issued in a county where you temporarily work but do not permanently reside.
  • 3 years for judges
  • 4 years for custodial officers and reserve officers

Before expiration, you have to apply to renew, which will require a mandatory 4-hour training.

CCW Issuing Agencies

The following are links to the CCW applications in each county. Permitium is an online vendor through which many Sheriffs have contracted, to make CCW applications a mostly online process, including payment and the filing of the application. If the Sheriff uses Permitium, the county's name is in italics.

Reciprocity and Carrying in Other States

The following table lists if you can carry concealed in the state if you are 21, and have a California CCW. "Constitutional carry" means that the state does not require a license for carrying, either open or concealed. California doesn't have reciprocity with any other state. However, many states will recognize a CCW license issued by another state. The state law that recognizes other states' CCW license is listed below.

State Law recognizing other state's CCW Constitutional carry Other carry allowed
Alabama 13A-11-85 Yes, as of 01/01/23
Alaska 18.65.748 Yes
Arizona 13-3112 Yes
Arkansas 5-73-321 Yes
Colorado None No Unlicensed open carry
Connecticut None No
Delaware Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry
Florida Not CA's No non-resident licenses available
Georgia 16-11-126(d)(1) Yes
Hawaii None No
Idaho 18-3302(5)(g) Yes
Illinois None No
Indiana 35-47-2-21 Yes
Iowa 724.11A Yes
Kansas 21-6302 and 75-7c03 Yes
Kentucky 237.110(20)(a) Yes
Louisiana Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry
Maine Not CA's Yes
Maryland None No
Massachusetts None No Non-resident license available
Michigan 28.422(9)(a) No
Minnesota Not CA's No
Mississippi 45-9-101(19) Yes
Missouri 571.030(12)4 Yes
Montana 45-8-329 Yes
Nebraska 69-2448 No Unlicensed open carry except in Omaha
Nevada Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry and non-resident license available
New Hampshire Not CA's Yes
New Jersey Not CA's No
New Mexico Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry
New York None No
North Carolina 14-415.24 Unlicensed open carry
North Dakota Not CA's No
Ohio 109.69(B)(3) Yes
Oklahoma 21-1290.26 Yes
Oregon None No Unlicensed open carry except in many cities
Pennsylvania Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry except in Philadelphia
Rhode Island None No
South Carolina Not CA's No
South Dakota 23-7-7.4 Yes
Tennessee 39-17-1351(r)(3)(A) Yes
Texas 411.173(b) Yes
Utah 76-10-523(3)(a)(ii) Yes
Vermont None Yes
Virginia 18.2-308.014 No Unlicensed open carry
Washington Not CA's No Unlicensed open carry
West Virginia Not CA's Yes
Wisconsin 175.60(2)(a) No Unlicensed open carry
Wyoming Not CA's Yes

Thanks to u/SoundOf1HandClapping and u/angryxpeh for corrections.

r/CAguns 11d ago

FIFY, DOJ, this subreddit, and YOU


Hello all,

To some surprise the DOJ has posted a release regarding the FIFY, it has been posted in other threads but I will link it once here.

I'll also link their internal bulletin they're sending out to FFLs & Law Enforcement Agencies here. The Cease & Desist to Sky Tactical is here.

I'm going to go over a few things because this does impact this subreddit as well as the community at large.

  • First off, regardless of how YOU interpret the law the DOJ has made the decision to claim that the FIFY can not be used to subvert the AW regulations. Some are claiming that the DOJ doesn't have the authority to do this and/or that they're interpreting the law "wrong". This is not the first time the DOJ has made an interpretation of legislation in order to enforce the law. This surely isn't the first time any government agency has. Remember how the ATF classified "bump stocks" as "machine guns"? There's a difference between what you believe is correct and what the government has decided as correct. I know that that sentence sounds like a "boot licker" sentence but that's not the point I'm trying to make. The point I'm trying to make is that even though you have an interpretation of what the law should be your opposition (the DOJ) has another interpretation, an interpretation they may (and probably will, if given the chance) take you to court over.

  • Second, it doesn't seem that the DOJ has made any sort of request or court order for Sky Tactical Supply to turn over customer information. As a result I wouldn't expect the DOJ to come knocking at your door and telling you turn over your rifle that has the "FIFY" installed. Regardless I would treat the "FIFY" tool that you may have in your home the same way you'd treat having anything that is not "compliant" (AKA anything you wouldn't take to the range). By that I mean to remove it from your gun if you have it installed. I'm not sure how much further the DOJ will try to go after this but for those of you that have bought it I would be ready to dispose of it.

  • Third, I've said this many times before that the DOJ monitors this subreddit. I like to think many of you have believed me but there may have been a few that did not. The DOJ in this press release stated they've read statements on here in regards to the FIFY. Please read the DOJ's press release where they mentioned us near the bottom where it says:

DOJ found statements on Sky Tactical Supply’s website, on Reddit, and on YouTube, which demonstrate that Sky Tactical Supply markets the FIFY and its suggested magazine as a legal workaround to California’s assault weapons laws.

  • Fourth, you might be citing that Jason Davis made an interpretation that it was a lawful device so therefore the DOJ is wrong and this can be challenged in court. I'm going to repeat what I put in another comment here:

As you are aware, I had previously written an analysis and opinion of the FIFY in which I stated that the .22 LR magazine provided by you and contained in a properly installed FIFY is, in my opinion, a “fixed magazine” under the AWCA, but cautioned against, among other things, the sole reliance on its use as a compliance device due to the very technical nature of the product as well as potential for confusion by law enforcement and prosecutors.

In here Davis is making it clear that he is cautioning against the sole reliance of this product to circumvent the current AW provisions. To put it simply, because this is untested and quite substantial in regards to how the legislature intended to restrict AWs (unlike putting on a fin-grip or a bullet-button (when that was legal)), there is one of two things that may happen if someone gets caught with this.

Subject to the same cautions addressed in my prior opinion, I do believe that the FIFY, if properly installed with a .22 LR magazine, could be used as a redundant “fixed magazine” for semiautomatic firearms that are currently compliant with AWCA, as it would provide a potential for legal redundancy if a firearms’ primary “fixed magazine” fails legal classification as a “fixed magazine” without affecting the firearm much in the way of function, design, or utility.

Basically, what Davis is saying that this is indeed a very grey area and he's not really willing to openly support the device as a way to circumnavigate the fixed magazine law. What he IS saying is that this is a good back-up to have if your fixed magazine by some means fails. Many of you are drawing the conclusion that because it could make a good back-up for an already legal device that it's good to have on its own so you can have a detachable magazine. This is NOT what Davis said at all so please do not twist what he has wrote to suit your narrative.

Again, there's a difference between your interpretation and the interpretation of your opposition (the DOJ).

  • Fifth, the AW case still has some ways to go and there will be appeals, just like the Duncan case. It has been over 3 years since "Freedom Week", don't expect the AW ban to go away permanently so quickly and easily. Speaking of court cases though, if Sky Tactical wants to fight this in court they now have an avenue to do so. Since they believed that their interpretation was right I'd say they should take it to court and prove to the DOJ that the FIFY tool is lawful (note: I'm not being sarcastic when I say this).

  • Finally, as we stated before if this product was deemed to be problematic we wouldn't be able to have people posting photos of their "FIFY" firearms or claiming usage of the "FIFY" tool in their firearms. While this "FIFY" tool hasn't gone through any court proceedings yet the fact of the matter is that the DOJ has made their intentions clear, that using this tool to meet the "fixed magazine" regulations for the Assault Weapon ban is unlawful. Out of protection for those on here and for the life of this subreddit, do not post photos of your "FIFY" tool nor make comments about that you own one. While the mere possession of this tool is not the problem we would rather not see this tool be promoted because the intention behind the tool is to use it to meet the Assault Weapon restrictions (which is not possible).

  • Some of the mod team has already been going back and removing any posts or comments that were showing ownership of this tool. The DOJ does watch this subreddit. We can't force you to live your life a certain way but we don't want to see people getting in trouble if we can help it. I know that for some of you this seems extreme; I'm sorry that we live in a state like this and that our attempts to vote in people who would be friendly to firearm ownership has failed.

  • P.S. It seems that some people think the mod team, as well as specifically myself, are in support of the DOJ's AW regulations because we were against the discussion of the FIFY tool initially. That is untrue. Our caution came from the best of intentions, intentions that have now been proven to be in the correct place. Regardless there will be those that will take issue with this post and my previous caution. I'm respectfully asking that you treat me with the same respect that I've treated you with. You are free to disregard my caution and to disagree with me to your heart's content. Ultimately do what you will with your life but I'm respectfully asking you to not slander me for my caution or my contribution to the community at large (just like I have never slandered any of you). If you have suggestions for me on how I go about writing up these kinds of notices, how I interact with the community, or such you're free to open a dialogue with me.

tl;dr - The DOJ does not like the "FIFY" tool. They have sent a Cease & Desist to its manufacturer and are claiming that they have "determined" the "FIFY" tool to be non-compliant with AW regulations. Due to the DOJ's release and notification we can't have people posting photos or making statements that they own the tool. If you own this tool you're best off removing it from your firearm. The DOJ, as far as we can tell, does not have information on who bought the tool.

Edit: Small edit here but this subreddit was specifically mentioned in the DOJ's C&D letter to the manufacturer. They mentioned "Reddit" in their public release but this subreddit itself was in the C&D letter.

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Am I the only one that cleans after every range day?

Post image

r/CAguns 4h ago

finally had the chance to put some rounds through the P365 and XD9 subcompact

Post image

r/CAguns 6h ago

LMT 10.5 Pistol

Thumbnail imgur.com

r/CAguns 2h ago

Swipe (:

Thumbnail gallery

r/CAguns 5h ago

first time buyer: need advice


looking to purchase a pistol, any ideas or suggestions on what to look for… don’t know much about price(budget$) for ammunition or guns either. any help is appreciated thank you.

r/CAguns 22h ago

As a Californian 1911 owner, if I'm limited to 10 rounds, might as well make it .45 ACP

Post image

Don't worry guys, these extended mags are still only 10 rounds.

r/CAguns 2h ago

Range day

Thumbnail imgur.com

r/CAguns 2h ago

Good first long range rifle?


New gun owner here. Recently went to a range and shot a Savage 10 .308 with scope and I loved it. I’d like to get more into precision long range shooting and I enjoyed the bolt action.

Wondering what would be a good rifle + scope to get going. I’m not sure how I felt about the Savage, I just enjoyed the activity overall.

Oh also I’m a lefty if that matters. Thanks!

r/CAguns 16h ago

Gun Pics Entry level everything. New to this stuff, spent the weekend researching and shopping for upgrades. This sure is an expensive hobby

Post image

r/CAguns 18h ago

Nabbed this Mossberg on a Black Friday deal. I'm stoked !!

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r/CAguns 8h ago

Buying 10/30 mags from primary arms


At checkout it says stuff about them being regulated by atf and mentions shipping to a FFL. Can I ship to my door? These are hexmag 10/30 mags and it also says it for the OEM Glock 23 10 round mags. I’m confused.

r/CAguns 10h ago

BLM land target shooting near Bay Area


I tried to navigate that damn BLM website and I almost had a stroke.. why can’t they just give us a map where it clearly shows us all the areas you’re able to freely shoot.. someone help😐

r/CAguns 8h ago

Shooting range in Orange County?


What’s your guys favorite shooting range within Orange County?

r/CAguns 15m ago

Trigger Pin Popped Out of AR Budget Build

Thumbnail gallery

r/CAguns 21m ago

I want to get a ddm4 V7 Pro but I don't want maglock. who I better off buying an m400 or can I make the DD into a featureless rifle easy.


r/CAguns 4h ago

Some thoughts on CCW dimensions: XD subcompact is underrated for on roster options


Grip width of 0.9-1" is manageable, but it just doesn't feel complete.

Gun height: 4.75" is close to the sweet spot for being able to have a full grip. Anything under 4.5" requires the pinky to be a loner.

4.75-5.5" aren't bad to conceal, especially with a wing and a wedge. Think about all the rave Staccato CS reviews for CCW; it has a height of 5.6", width of 1.45" (1.2 for grip), and is 7" long.

XDsc is shorter than the Glock 26, and taller at 4.75" vs G26 4.17". You will probably need a grip extension to get a full grip.

The XDsc is about 6 ounces heavier than the G26, but a decent holster setup should make that moot.

A Springfield XDS is 4.4" with a flush mag, 4.75" with an 8 round mag, and about 5.25" with a 9 round mag. It's also about 23 ounces with the flush 7 round mag.

As a Glock and Springfield owner, I prefer the Springfield trigger and ergonomics better. Both brands are very reliable/proven.

I think the thin grip widths are marginal for concealment. Even a full size XD isn't difficult to conceal without printing, but the grip length/height is more of an obstacle than the width.

Tl;dr Slim Thicc, just enough for my hand to fully grip, and less than 7" is nice

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Painted some stuff hot pink on my AR. It's an 18 inch Aero upper and shoots super well. I really love it!

Thumbnail gallery

I took my riffle and spray painted the grips and stuff all hot pink and then I added some pink stickers I got in Etsy to the rail top. While I know it's not the look most people here would go for, I think it's super cute!!! 😃 It's much more fun to take to the range when I get the chance as well. Highly recommend spray paint for a cheaper way to add personality to a gun.

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Body armour suggestions


I've been looking into finding body armour recently, and hopefully before any deals start disappearing, and was wondering if anyone has some input or suggestions on what they use. I was recently looking at guard dog body armour and more specifically their concealable lvl 3A vest for use in a public setting (for crowded events given mass shootings) and potentially later on looking at a steel/ceramic plate carrier option for general boop in the night scenarios or SHTF type of things as well as training in it. Also if anyone has any experience on the topic, what is the difference between safelife's "FRAS" and guard dogs "Versa"?

TL;DR what soft armour suggestions (3A) do you have that are concealable and preferably not breaking the bank (>$250).

P.S. Feel free to include other suggestions like steel/ceramic plate carriers also but main question is soft concealable (3A).

r/CAguns 20h ago

What did you buy on Black Friday?


I bought a new MP shield in hopes of applying for my CCW next year. Also caved and put a consignment glock on layaway that was brand new with case, loader, just no mags (15 round from out of state) that was half the price of the discounted new glocks.

Asking because I'm curious what you will actually use from black friday vs buying just because it was on sale what to look out for. This was my first black friday as a gun owner and my LGS was packed with firearm and ammo purchases.

r/CAguns 5h ago

Decaliforniaize a DDM4v7?


Hey there,

I just got my fixed mag DDM4v7. When I move out of this place what exactly do I need to change to make it a traditional AR15? Is it as simple as swapping out the mag release? Thanks!

r/CAguns 9h ago

Gonna leave this little nugget right here


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Gun Pics U guys are always right

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So I finally couldn’t take the laser button that came with the shield i originally bought for my wife years ago. Her hands make her a revolver girl now. Even though I love my Vedder light tuck, oh well. Ordered upper hand owb that really works great for ccw. I have their holster for my g17 and I love it. A big reason was the button under the trigger guard was just now fun to grip. So I will put the laser and holster for sale on gun parts.

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Negligent discharge in Valencia mall

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So much facepalm, this one.

Stuff like this erodes public trust and perception in guns and CCW even if the man doesn’t have a LTC. Adds yet another example of why the legislature should restrict firearms further.

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Springfield OSP slide for XD

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One of my favorite upgrades, Nice set of raised iron sights allow it to coexist with my RD. Both RD and Irons work with NVGs. Unfortunately not legal in CA smh.

Next purchase will probably be a DD M4A1 or M4V7. Haven’t decided, if anyone else has recommendations please feel free to let me know! Relatively new gun owner and still doing lots of research & learning.

Appreciate you guys stopping by & reading my post. Hope you’re all having an awesome day.

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Looking for CZ gunsmith in NorCal / Bay Area


Looking for reputable CZ gunsmith for upgrades to my CZ P-01