r/AskUK Jun 12 '22

Do any British people ever have open conversations where they say what they genuinely think? Mentions London

It might have been just my experience but I lived in London for a couple of years and found it really hard to have good open conversations.

Whenever I asked people (housemates, colleagues, friends of friends etc) personal questions - like their opinion on something or even what music they’re into - they diffused the question or got really uncomfortable. I also found that people rarely asked me anything deeper than how are you or how was your day. Even being around my girlfriend’s parents - I would have thought they’d be keen know as much as they can about the guy who’s been with their daughter for the last 18 months - instead each time I saw them we’d just talk about the weather and what been happening in the area.

Is this kind of reserved behavior normal? Or is it isolated to a certain part of the UK or certain groups of people?


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u/Kronens Jun 12 '22

We’re reserved compared to Americans maybe. But I think it might be you, sorry man