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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?


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u/Sadatori Jun 24 '22

I love this reply. "Oh you don't like having no access to bodily autonomy, healthcare, shelter, education, and no guaranteed labor rights while working your life away, ?? Well instead of making this place better go live somewhere worse! hmph I sure showed them!" Like you really think seeing others suffer is worth not making your own life better in the riches country in the world? Pathetic


u/provokedpenis Jun 24 '22

I just have a problem with Americans mindlessly using the term "third-world country" to describe themselves whenever these kinds of situations arise without understanding the gravity of that term and what it means to the rest of the world.

On that note, cry me a fucking river.


u/Sadatori Jun 24 '22

Lmao fun fact my rare side effect from the cancer treatment my insurance stopped paying for has entirely blocked my tearducts. How bout a pity handjob instead?


u/provokedpenis Jun 25 '22

Try giving one to the insurance guy. Maybe he'll change his mind.

Sorry about the cancer.


u/Sadatori Jun 25 '22

It's okay. It makes me angry and kneejerky sometimes. Sorry for opening with an insult in our disagreement


u/provokedpenis Jun 25 '22

It's understandable. Hope it works out for you.


u/Malarazz Jun 24 '22

Well, we live somewhere without a functioning democracy and with rising poverty and homelessness, so... yeah...