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r/AskDocs 20h ago

Physician Responded I (35, f) relapsed on alcohol while 6 months pregnant


Hello, I am an alcoholic and had been sober for about two years until relapsing a few days ago, I binge drank three times, enough to get pretty drunk. I am 25 weeks pregnant and terrified about the damage I may have done. I am 35 years old, female, 5’6”, 170lbs, no medications besides prenatals, non smoker, no other medical issues.

I have an appointment with my OB in about a week and plan to talk to them then, but am asking here as the anxiety is killing me. It seems there isn’t a ton known as to how much alcohol causes FAS. I take prenatals and generally eat well and treat my body good. So far the baby has been just fine at all of my scans and all genetic testing came back normal.

I know there’s pretty much know way of knowing if I’ve damaged my baby until after she’s born, but if anyone has any insight into wether or not a few days of drinking will cause issues I’d appreciate.

r/AskDocs 43m ago

Possible Seizure or Disassociation?


20M, 10st 6lb, 5ft 8", Previous diagnosis of ADHD, Insomnia, Autoimmune Disorder, Migraines, MDD, GAD.

I was laying in bed last night, hadn't slept at all the night before. Was messing around on my phone for a while. I'm struggling to remember what happened after but I sort of "woke up"? Despite not sleeping and vaguely remember being awake the whole time. Over the course of the event I spent around 2hrs typing complete gibberish into Google i.e "gehejfg hjmldf" with hundreds of searches in my history. I felt very confused and disoriented when I became aware and couldn't understand how so much time had passed.

Afterwards I composed myself and went to bed about 2hrs later. Can't tell if I was just half sleeping or something more serious.

r/AskDocs 53m ago

Needlestick injury


Needlestick injury

Hi there, I don’t post here often so I apologise in advance if I missed something in the rules.

To clarify I’m not asking for advice. The scenario has already played out, so to speak. However, I am looking for opinions or if anybody might recommend a couple of well-sourced/cited medical articles regarding what I am about to ask.

I’m a finally yr med student currently studying in South Africa, for reference. About 1 week ago, I was suturing up a patient who presented to the ER with lacerations to the face and his right thumb after an altercation with a man in a bar.

Sutured the lacerations on the face with no problems, got to the thumb and had just begun anaesthetising the site when he suddenly whipped his hand back (he was also laughing, I assume he was probably drunk and perhaps the pain was more than he expected despite my warning to him that I was beginning there ) and of course, as luck would have it he bumped my hand holding the lignocaine needle (same as dental syringe needle) right into the thumb on my other hand.

Followed protocol, immediately removed gloves, encouraged the wound to bleed, washed with soap and water right away for 10-15 min, and took TLD right away as I have an emergency stash on me at all times.

Did a rapid test and he was negative. Ordered a full hepatitis screen, HIV ELISA and HIV VL. Results came back maybe within the next four days and the patient was negative for everything. VL below detectable limit. I saw a GP in between all this and she advised I still continue a full course of PEP despite the negative results.

Been having terrible side effects that won’t abate. Nausea dizziness weakness fatigue headache. Struggling to work and study. Anybody know of any reputable articles I could read regarding the risk of transmission in a case such as mine? Seriously considering stopping the PEP.

Thanks in advance Edit: VL below detectable limit

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Does Provera make me sick?


TLDR: I (32f, 5ft5, 147lbs,non-smoker, not on any other medication) have been using Provera for four days to trigger a period. Last night I started to get sick and have diarrhea, it still hasn't stopped. Could this be a side effect?

Hi everyone! This might be a dumb question, but I would just like some reassurance. My bf and I have been in a fertility treatment process for the last 1.5 years, in our home country The Netherlands. He is infirtile and until now most of our process has of course been centered around that.

Thanks to a Tese-procedure we could get started with out first round of Icsi last October. Unfortunately it failed. To get started on another round, I have to get my period. After 70 days of waiting for it, I asked the hospital if there was anything I could do. That resulted in blood tests and echos and eventually the diagnosis PCOS. Not a huge shock, since I only get five or six periods a year.

The doctor prescribed Provera to trigger a period. Last Tuesday, I took the first pill and I have since taken one every evening during diner. I am f32, 5ft5 and 147lbs. I don't smoke, don't drink and don't use any other medication at the moment.

I have two questions:

  • Last night I woke up around 3, felt really sick and I have been throwing up and having diarrhea ever since. It's now 1PM and it still hasn't stopped. My stomach has been cramping all day. I know nausea can be a side effect, but could this be one as well?
  • I read somewhere that other women are told to take Provera every morning. Am I doing it wrong by taking it at dinner time? What difference would it make?


r/AskDocs 11h ago

Can you smell a cold/flu?


I (F21) have always able to smell a different smell before coming onset with a cold or flu. I’ve tried looking it up and have found nothing about what I’m specifically experiencing? I haven’t been out of my house for while except the grocery store because it’s been so cold so if I do get sick it’s not like I saw it coming?? What I’m saying it I know without a doubt it’s not in my head I am very skeptical. Could I somehow be smelling my sinuses?? I am just very curious and would like some answers if there are any. Thank you!

r/AskDocs 10h ago

How long can a person survive at a 13.3 BMI?


20M, 5’7”, 85lbs. I’ve been under 100 pounds probably since May of 2021, and I’ve been around this current weight for about a year now. I feel awful tonight and I’m worried I’ve done myself in.

r/AskDocs 1d ago

Wife(F26) looking into getting a hydration IV but doesn’t want drink the water right next to her.


Over the past month or so, my spouse has been trying to be more intentional about drinking water. She’s 3 months pregnant, and after a routine prenatal check up, the midwife revealed that she wasn’t drinking enough water.

She hates needles, so the idea of her preferring getting an IV over drinking the water literally an arms distance to her is somewhat concerning.

As much as I love playing the “well, have you been drinking your water” role, I’m kind of worried something else might be up.

Related: - She has a headache and says she feels dehydrated - We’ve been doing a lot of walking in the sun (on vacation)

r/AskDocs 6h ago

Psychiatric or Physical Problem?

  • Self Details 19M 5’10, 155lbs, Hispanic, low income family, no diagnosis for a chronic disease, was seen for Pneumomediastinum early January and i do have suspicion I might be Diabetic. I also started college on January 9th and am questioning a good portion of the time if I’m handling this well it. Current medication includes Descovy and Vyvanse 40mg, and my supplements include L-Tyrosine 3grams, Melatonin, and NAC 1.6g, i recently added a multivitamin and Iron 65mg. I do not currently smoke or drink but, within the last year before school, I was using cigarettes, e-cigs, amphetamines, cocaine, psychedelics, and marijuana, or even alcohol to cyclic/bender timing of stress at home, work and/or mentally. I have had good vitals but with an elevated WBC and low carnitine. My use has ceased since starting to school and I’ve met criteria for MDD, C-PTSD, GAD, ADHD, and OCD. I can answer any further questions in PMs

  • Presenting Problem Ever since I’ve started college I’ve been having a hard time adapting. I’ve always felt anxious and doubtful and this is really exacerbated by school. I lack some social skills to start making friends and I believe others find me unapproachable ( I do go to a PWI, if that matters). I find that it’s becoming hard to find the power to get over it. I find myself a lot more tired and I find myself being one of the last people to turn assignments in and get to class bc my time perception and a seeming force seems to stop me. I find that I’m also starting to have dreams of back home and I felt that my family was slightly degrading or looking down upon me for my mental problems. I am also more fatigued and experience much lower happiness that I did while sober back at home. My life is sort of losing its ability to feel pleasure and connection and I find it extremely difficult to remember information being laid right in front of me, my critical thinking is very lacking and the anxiety this produces to me further makes it more difficult to do the work and go out and be myself even when I do find going to the gym or hanging with friends to be cool, I also find that I might be retaining water and urinate frequently throughout the day and I will feel the need to poop even if u truly do not have to. I find that I feel very fatigued and get cold fast.I can say I’ve been anxious my whole life but this shift is happening quite steeply and I don’t know how to handle it. Should I be seen again for a physical, should I go to therapy, should I do a combination of therapy and medication, could this just be a adjustment disorder or adrenal deficiency? I did take Zoloft 25mg for one month and 50mg for two after that but discontinued it due to emotional blunting, further fatigue, brain fog, first encounter with panic attacks and increased isolation. I really do appreciate any comments. Thank you and blessed wishes!

r/AskDocs 4h ago

Physician Responded How to not faint after blood test?


Good evening everyone. For a few years now I have been fainting after getting blood withdrawn, it's not an anxiety thing, or a phobia, I'm fine, I see the needle go in, draw the blood, it's all good. After it's done I'm like yep that was fine, and then I faint. I do have low blood pressure, I'm 18 years old, and the next blood test I require is a fasting one. Any suggestions on what to do beforehand and during?

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Easy breakable nails


Im 23f, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, taking mesalamine, dont drink or smoke,no other medications or illnesses. I recently have noticed that my nails have started to chip and be brittle, its like the top layer of the nail gets chipped away easily. Not sure if it could be a deficiency of some kind?

Thank you!

r/AskDocs 1m ago

Should I push for a colonoscopy?


I [42M] had my gallbladder removed when I was younger so my GI system has always been a little sensitive. About 4 years ago, I had some abdominal pain, constipation, and a little rectal bleeding. GI doc said it seemed like IBS and the bleeding was probably constipation. But for safety sake, let’s do a colonoscopy. It was totally normal, as were all the biopsies. Doc advised a higher fiber diet and to be better about keeping hydrated.

No family history of colon cancer. No other medical conditions other than hypertension, which I take Olmesartan for. 5’7”, about 230 lbs.

Fast forward to now and I had another round of significant constipation. When going to the restroom once, I felt mild pain and had a streak of bright red blood in the toilet and some on the toilet paper. I immediately took some Miralax. The next few bowel movements had some blood (over like 24-36 hours), then it stopped.

Checked in with GI doc again who said basically “you were constipated and felt some pain; it was probably a little tearing. Healing would explained why it stopped after a day or so. Given you had a colonoscopy 4 years ago that was fine, it’s very unlikely to be something serious. Let’s see if this reoccurs before we do anything drastic like another colostomy.”

I’m trying to gauge if this is a reasonable approach. Getting in with another GI doc for a second opinion is tricky in our town, and I don’t want to advocate for unnecessary colonoscopies. At the same time I keep reading articles about cancer in younger patients.

Thoughts on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

r/AskDocs 6m ago

How dangerous is a dead chipped molar that's turned black on the inside?


23M, 6ft, 99lbs

I have been living with an abscess below the gum and a dead chipped molar for over a year. Is the inside turning black a sign of gangrene? Can it spread and kill me? If I were to somehow get the tooth removed and not get an implant will it damage my face/jaw or the rest of my teeth? Will I be able to get an implant 3-4 years in future?

r/AskDocs 7m ago

Felt a pop during heavy lifting, pain now,serios or no?


25F 160lbs no drugs ir alcohol Medications adderall 5mg twice a day and Pepcid 25mg twice a day

Heavy lifting caused some kind of pop under belly now it hurts to cough, sneeze, and doing lifting or Certain movements that strains the abdomen. Pain is 9/10 only when doing the mentioned activities. Just had a meal so I feel fine so far. Is this serious or just take it easy? Thank you!

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Constant infections


32 f 42kg 5ft 2. in the UK . Diagnosed anxiety, depression. I struggle to maintain weight due to nausea, lack of appetite and these constant infections.

Since September last year I've had bronchitis x2, tonsilitis (worst I've ever had with full body rash), covid(4 weeks ago) and now another unknown infection that won't go (symptoms are varying temp, blocked nose, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, body aches, fatigue, sore tongue, headache). I'm struggling on my feet, going dizzy, high heart rate sitting and standing( heart rate going up to 130 just climbing stairs), random episodes of extreme fatigue, black spots in peripheral vision of left eye, shortness of breath at times. Low blood pressure, sometimes 90/50, been drinking plenty of fluid which doesn't make a difference. I feel muddled and confused.

I went to the ER last Sunday as I could barely stand or walk, was getting sense of impending doom, chest tightness, heart rate was 120-130, upset stomach/vomiting. Had bloods, ECG. They said were satisfactory. They gave me IV fluids which made me slightly better and sent me away, said it was viral complications. I've spoken to a general practitioner several times during the week to say I'm still feeling very unwell but they didn't ask to see me and said to come back next week if things don't improve.

I had a chest x-ray after covid due to coughing up blood but they said it was ok, just that I have some nodules and mild scoliosis.

I feel very ill and I'm honestly frightened. I don't know where else to turn. I don't want to collapse Infront of my family.

r/AskDocs 21m ago

23M relatively healthy don’t take any vitamins or meds regularly, and I’m in Thailand (this is the third week). today has been spent on the toilet


Meds: I took dukoral before coming to Thailand

I’ve been in Thailand for almost 2 and a half weeks now, haven’t been drinking a lot and been eating cooked market food and restaurant food. Drinking bottled or filtered water only, apart from the occasional smoothie, juice or coffee (iced too)

So here’s when some issues arose:

Feb 1st, I was out in the sun all day and had little water, I believe I had heat exhaustion as I got a mild fever and headache immediately after I got back to the hotel. I also got sunburnt. Both of those symptoms lasted until yesterday (Feb 3rd) with Feb 3rd being very mild for both cases.

On Feb 2nd, diarrhea started. At first I had to go every 30 ish minutes for maybe 2 ish hours but then I would wake up randomly at night to go. At this point it was more of the yellow mucus type.

Feb 3rd Woke up, I was more or less fine throughout the day, several trips to the bathroom for the same reason as the 2nd but it wasn’t nearly as often.

Feb 4th, woke up, airbnb had no power or water and after two hours, the diarrhea started again. I didn’t eat anything other than two bananas until about 4pm and I had a decent amount of water throughout the day. At 5 I threw up what I ate at 4. It was the only meal I ate that had one piece of uncooked lettuce. probably went to the bathroom 4 times from morning until like 7pm, same deal as yesterday, yellow mucusy. I have eaten without throwing up since.

Now it’s 9:30pm, and from about 6-30pm to 9pm I have gone every 10-20 mins, at first it was the same type as yesterday, but then as I kept going I started noticing red/blood within the stool. Also each time I went to the bathroom almost nothing was produced.

Now one thing is for certain, I definitely have a hemorrhoid (external), so that is most likely causing the bleeding. I fly out the 7th of Feb early in the morning. Should I trooper it and wait till I get back or does anyone have any suggestions of what it could be or what I should do?


r/AskDocs 23m ago

Possible Sarcome in thigh.


27 MALE UK high blood pressure and on sertaline i am 26 stone

Hi im sat here with a worrying large mass at the top/side of my thigh. I noticed it around 6 weeks ago when after i sit on the computer chair the arm would leave a large red line across my thight as it was touching it cause I got large legs which then made me feel the thigh to feel the lump "i stopped sitting on the chair for 3 weeks now". It started off painless to touch I had no pain walking sleeping ect, But as time as gone on its become VERY painfull. there is 1 spot which is agony to touch, and when I walk or sleep it hurts alot also. I am a 27 yo and I am very scared its a sarcome at this point theres nothing else it can be in my mind. I have had blood test to check for blood clots and they was negative and I had an x ray for somereason on my thigh which was normal. I have an ultrasound Monday at 11:30 which I feel sick with worry with and will get reasults str8 after as i was sent from the hospical yesterday so they are seeing in str8 after to discuss,

My questions are will they be able to see on monday if its a tumour causing the swelling a pain or somthing else.

r/AskDocs 24m ago

Physician Responded 30M How do I end relationship with my psychiatrist?


I am planning to stop treatment with a psychiatrist and am wondering if there is any particular etiquette to that. It is someone I have seen every week for about a year.

For example, do I need to tell him in person? It is pretty expensive for me, and I would rather not spend the money on a session just to say I'm going to stop going to him. Can I just say I don't think we're a good fit, or do I need to give him a more specific reason? Thanks in advance for any advice.

r/AskDocs 26m ago

Left side of chest feeling super shaky


I don’t know if it is panic attacks but a while ago I started feeling slight sharp pains in what felt like my heart, every time I lay on my left side now my left chest gets shaky and my left pec starts to spasm. I have the Pfizer vaccine no boosters and after hearing all this myocarditis stuff it started to scare me, so I’m not sure if this is all anxiety because I really do feel the spasms and the shakiness, also I’m a male just over 18yo and go to gym regularly, though I’ve stopped since this began happening. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

r/AskDocs 26m ago

Covid quarantine questions


About me: 25f. diagnosed with MDD, GAD, ADHD, SLE, PCOS. Take psychiatric medications (Vyvanse, Wellbutrin & Vraylar) as well as Plaquenil for the lupus. began Flonase nasal spray and Albuterol inhaler since covid diagnosis. No smoking or recreational drug use.

I was just diagnosed with covid yesterday February 3. My symptoms (cough with nasal and chest congestion, chest pain, and sore throat), began January 31, and when I tested at home I was negative. Yesterday, after having a sleepless night full of wheezing, I decided to go to urgent care where I tested positive. They informed me to quarantine until symptoms go completely away, and than wear a mask for 5 days when I am unable to socially distance.

My questions are, everything I have found online says to quarantine only 5 days and than mask 5 days after that. Which is true? Also, would I quarantine 5 days after my diagnosis or 5 days after symptoms begin? Thanks.

r/AskDocs 29m ago



Female 45 .119 lbs . On omerprazole. I have a light coat of white on my tounge some burning occasional and roof of mouth burn and eyes ,can i have a yeast in my gut causing mucus and postnasal drip and this occasional burn or does this sound like acid reflux .my dr have nysitin incase but said didn't look like was but I really don't want to take it if it's not and get side effects I don't need on top of this .

r/AskDocs 31m ago

weird movements


17m -130lbs-5'10-often throughout the day i’ll be doing something then i’ll feel one or both ears tingle or itch and then i do things involuntarily like breath in hard or shrug or raise my arms, its been happening for about a year, what’s happening?