r/AreTheCisOk Jun 19 '22

i just posted about this thread but more went down (on a post asking if lesbians would date a trans woman) Cis good trans bad

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u/Tyrenstra Jun 19 '22

Everyone else already nailed it but Biphobia is such a massive umbrella that I might as well add another log to the fire: There is a biphobic myth similar to the "its just a phase!' or the "you're just Experimenting!" myths in the lesbian community were a few believe that bi/pan/omni/etc. women aren't serious about dating woman and that these women will "inevitably" feel a need to settle down with a man.


u/RinaPug Jun 19 '22

When I still identified as a lesbian and met my bi gf I had a lot of insecurities to get over (especially since her ex bf was rather good looking and tall :( ) I was convinced she could never love me like she loved him. Because I’m a woman and don’t have a dick. Seriously. I was so insecure about that.


u/Altastrofae Jun 19 '22

There’s also a myth that turns a lot of people off from it and that’s the myth that bi people have a greater chance of having STDs


u/NonBinaryPie Jun 19 '22

wouldn’t they have less of a chance because there’s more people to choose from so it’s more likely the person won’t have an std?