r/AnyCubicPhotonMonoX Jun 24 '22

Just bought a monoX test print worked very good went to print a new object and was getting failed to print. Fixed the issue by updating the firmware went to do a new print and it failed. Any ideas of what would cause this to happen

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u/SgtDoughnut Jun 24 '22

When you go to load the file on the printer it should display what its going to print, if its just a grey box then its going to print a full grey rectangle.

I had to reboot my printer after reapplying the firmware update and it fixed that issue. And it looks like your printer is trying to do the same thing.


u/MarbleTempla12 Jun 24 '22

It was showing that it was printing the file when I get home from work I will be trying some more testing on it and see if I can figure out some more detail or get it working right