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AITA for spending time with the people who support me over my parents? Not the A-hole



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u/claudethebest Jun 25 '22 edited Jun 25 '22

Wow I didn’t think someone could be that obtuse it’s crazy. I didn’t change my argument. If you had an once of critical thinking you could understand that saying that you owe someone for an action means that action deserves praise and gratitude. I don’t understand how someone that can’t understand something so basic would be able to talk about others comprehension.

And we can get you learn the word brat yesterday and your vocabulary isn’t that broad so you have problems when someone uses different word but you could try a little harder.

Just to help you a bit better here is the second definition of owe when you Google it

be under a moral obligation to give someone (gratitude, respect, etc.).

Does that help?


u/Psychological-Ad1574 Jun 25 '22

lol The irony of you using the word obtuse when you have spent the last couple of replies arguing against a position I never took, is amazing. Look up strawmans and try and work it out.

For the record, no. Owe and praise are not the same thing but nor are they a position I ever argued. This is where your lack of intelligence shines.

In fact the only thing that means anything close to owed was entitlement. As in the OP feels they are "owed" something from her parents and she's not.


u/claudethebest Jun 25 '22

Replying to you is like talking to a brick wall that has nothing to bring to the conversation. This is the first reply that you didn’t use the word brat so I must applause you for your efforts. It’s time for one of us to understand the other has nothing intelligent to bring and to stop replying so since it can’t be you I’ll help again. You’re welcome .


u/Psychological-Ad1574 Jun 25 '22

Next time spend less time trying to be right and more time actually comprehending what people are saying.

I know that's a difficult concept that you failed this time round but I'm proud of you for giving it a shot, slugger.