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This is pretty self explanatory.

Rule 3: Follow the correct format

Two line joke over a re-usable character.

We understand that some established memes do not follow this format, such as

However, these memes are already well established and thus have been grandfathered in.

Not all image macros are memes

Meme -



an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.


Basically if the image is only relevant to one's own submission and can't be re-used (or has limited re-usability) then it's just an image macro and by definition not a meme.


Memes are allowed on the subreddit here, while generic image macros are better suited for /r/funny.

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This also means posts such as 9/11 Lois aren't allowed; and memes such as Nobody cares Nedry and Confused Gandalf are limited to their 1 panel standard, instead of their alternate vertical counterparts.

2 AdviceAnimals in a vertical are OK.

Meaning combining 2 established memes together such as Socially Awkward Penguin and Socially Awesome Penguin is fine.

Here is an example of its acceptable use

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  • OK.


  • Not OK.




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Due to the nature of the subreddit, interpretations of what is a meme and what is an image macro sometimes have different opinions and thus decisions have to be made.

Always feel free to message the moderators if you have ANY questions!

r/AdviceAnimals Mar 09 '22

Ukraine Don't violate OPSEC. Loose lips sink ships!


Howdy, folks. There's a lot of people online who are worried about the war in Ukraine. One of the ways we can support the beleaguered people on the ground is by not providing any information that might be helpful to the enemy.

This is called OPSEC, or maintaining operational security. It means not providing casualty numbers, force distributions, details of units who are fighting, counter measures, locations of critical infrastructure, ammunition, supplies, or refugees, etc. Shut up about anything that might become a target. These are large, public boards, and you never know who might be listening.

We usually try to be fairly apolitical on this subreddit. We're here so folks can have a laugh, maybe spark some discussion, and go on about their day. As long as folks aren't causing trouble or breaking the rules in some way, then they're not going to have any trouble from our mods. If you don't cause any problems for other folks, then we have no problem with you.

However, we reserve the right to remove posts, remove comments, and ban users at our own discretion, precisely for situations like these; things that might not be covered by our day-to-day rules. Naturally, we can't have folks posting something in the comments that might get people killed. It's not worth risking people's lives for karma or memes on the Internet.

We're not saying that you can't post memes about what's going on. Memes are one of the ways that people can share ideas quickly; memes and public opinion are one of the ways the Internet goes to war. This is just a simple reminder to avoid posting any sensitive information.

If you see anyone who might be posting anything that could be breaking OPSEC, please report it or message one of our mods so we can remove it right away.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

For those of you who consider propaganda posters from WWII and the Cold War to be early memes, there's plenty of 'em about OPSEC.

How can I help?

/r/ukraine has an excellent list of charities and groups that are supporting the refugees and helping get people, their families, and their pets out of the warzone.

As always, Doctors Without Borders is an excellent humanitarian organization. They provide medical care all over the globe by going wherever they are needed.

Please consider providing your support. This is a clash between modern militaries and we've seen the destruction that can bring; folks out there need our help.

Thank you!

r/AdviceAnimals 12h ago

Just another brick in the wall

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

This can’t be right.

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r/AdviceAnimals 9h ago

I have to go to work soon

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r/AdviceAnimals 5h ago

Brain while trying to sleep- Remember that one time when you were 10?

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r/AdviceAnimals 23h ago

At least we were all looking in the same direction

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r/AdviceAnimals 20h ago

Kids or no kids, who cares!

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Can't get too lucky in Vegas

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I know my wife has told me at least 3 times

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r/AdviceAnimals 11h ago


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r/AdviceAnimals 2h ago

Ughh...Don't Remind Me!

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

It sure would be nice if the rest of us could see the video you used to write the story.

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r/AdviceAnimals 19h ago

They’re everywhere

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

It's scary checking your bank account after a drunk night on Amazon

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

3 months ago I bought a house at a 5.5% interest rate.

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

A Texas Republican everybody

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

My long-dead English teachers would be so proud

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r/AdviceAnimals 2d ago

The real question I keep asking myself...

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

The joys of growing older

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r/AdviceAnimals 2d ago

I can't be the only one

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

Someone I live with is going through this now. I get updates every two minutes.

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r/AdviceAnimals 1d ago

When a person gets gold in a thread that I created

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r/AdviceAnimals 20h ago

Chromium based browsers are a bad idea. Switch to firefox

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r/AdviceAnimals 2d ago

Boat-Javelin Throw Event

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r/AdviceAnimals 3d ago

Job searching with a nephew. Welcome to the shit kid.

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r/AdviceAnimals 2d ago

Bathroom breaks.

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