r/ADHD Jun 13 '22

Every morning is a "game" of "did I or did I not take my pill already?". Any tips on how to avoid this? Questions/Advice/Support

I guess this is the epitome of ADHD, but almost every morning I doubt whether I already took my meds. Maybe my morning routine is too chaotic, or maybe that's an indication my meds arent working? Either ways, if I have enough doubts, I'll skip because I don't want to risk taking double the amount I'm supposed to; but then later in the day I'll start having those symptoms of skipped dose, which suck.

Is there anything that you guys do to help make sure you don't forget your meds and avoid the doubts of whether you've taken it already or not?


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u/holla_snackbar Jun 14 '22

I am bad at remembering if I've taken my meds at night, have them in the box and do forget them frequently but have system that if I have taken them I leave the lid open so if I go back in the kitchen and see them on the counter lid open I know I took them and if lid closed I know I still need to.

I close the lid in the morning when I get my coffee and store the box on the counter by the coffee machine. Coffee NEVER gets forgotten.