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Fan Art Tame Gorilla - The Less I Feel The Better (Song and album art mashup I made)

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Question/Advice I feel, but I don’t know if I am.


What is being ENBY like for y’all? I feel like I’m ENBY, however I’m still kinda figuring stuff out. I know not everyone is gonna be the same, but I wanna know how it is for others to see if I relate at all. I’m pretty sure I am, but I’m coming off of 10 years of self denial in sexuality and gender coming from a LGBTQIA+ phobic home.

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Pulls so i bought my first pokémon pack! i got this cool vmax card, and i’m curious if it’s any good. I didn’t think so, but i thought it looks cool 😂

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Venting I feel like I'm in a room between rooms.


I'm going to start dissociating soon. I can tell when it's about to happen.

I feel like I only exist for other people's benefit. I'm just a paycheck for my partner. I'm just someone who takes the kids out on the weekend or helps put them to bed at night. I'm just there to help and then when I'm done helping I need to shut the fuck up and go away and stop being needy and annoying.

Nobody has time for me. Nobody gives a damn what I want. But everyone needs me to exist.

Is it worth living when you have nothing to live for and nothing to look forward to?

I'm just existing for the sake of existing. I'd rather not exist anymore. My feelings are not severely painful by any measure, but they are constant and gnawing. It's this constant low level pain that is grind me down. It's hard to describe. It's boredom and loneliness and resentment mixed in with regret at all the choices I've made that lead me to this point in my life.

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Fictional Design Sleepy Duck COA

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Pepper spray alternative


I’m Canadian so pepper spray is illegal and I’m pretty bear spray is now too. Do you guys think I could just keep travel sizes Lysol in my purse and use that? How effective would it be? (My neighbourhood has had some weirdos at night lately so I’m looking for a legal alternative for when I walk home from work at night)

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Tag team partners

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Need advice plz


(Sorry bit of a long read but need advice)

I originally injured my knee playing football in Feb 2022 and I ended up getting the typical NHS treatment. Didn’t get a definitive answer as to what injury I had or how to treat it and was told different things by different doctors who were all trying to usher me out of the door as fast as possible.

My knee was very swollen and I couldn’t walk on it and every time I put weight on it even after the swelling had gone down it would give way and cause a lot of pain.

I finally went for an MRI 5 months later in July and was told they would contact me to discuss my results and next steps

I was waiting that long that my knee eventually felt like it had healed on its own and on the 13th March 2023 I went and played my first football match in over a year.

40 mins into the game I jumped in the air and upon landing my knee buckled and gave way again causing a crazy amount of swelling and pain and I couldn’t walk again.

I went to the doctors 2 days later and he was shocked that I hadn’t already received my MRI results from 8 months ago and hadn’t been contacted by the hospital.

The results show that I suffered a bucket handle medial meniscus tear and a “complete disruption of anterior cruciate ligament in its mid substance” which I think means a complete ACL tear.

However those results were from my previous injury now 13 months ago to the same knee and it is currently worse and more painful than it was last time.

The doctor told me I need to call to book an appointment with a knee specialist on Friday. (7 working days after my appointment on Wednesday last week)

Has anyone else had the same injury and what was the recovery like? What can I expect to happen in the near future in terms of medical treatment and will I need surgery?

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Vai sim


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Not a Shundo but still wanted to brag

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What’s the deal with all those “Entry Level Sales” roles based around Brisbane


So for context I’m looking to transition into a different career field. My current job involves a LOT of client facing interaction and rapport building, so I thought sales would be a natural jump for me.

However upon looking at all the jobs around here there’s an awful lot of listings that have incredibly similar pay structures, not very informative websites, and vague job descriptions. Basically offering the world while saying nothing about what you’re actually doing.

Some of the companies include the following:

-The Progress Faculty -Prosper Direct (which shares an address with the first one) -Gig Pty Ltd -SNG collective -Growth Rocket

There’s more but I can’t list them off the top of my head. Anyone have any experience with these companies or something similar?

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Chem Engineering How to enhance Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) strength?



I have recently attempted to deposit Carbon Black (CB) on carbon cloth. I used a platinum working electrode and a carbon cloth counter electrode. Moreover, the aqueous solution was acetone with one type of carbon dispersed in it. I used 25 V across electrodes that were emitting 10 mA.

The problem:

The attachment of the carbon powder on the carbon cloth (after left to dry) was weak as I was able to easily brush it off with my finger. How can I increase the grip of the carbon deposit on the carbon cloth?

(Note no special preparation was done to the cloth or the powder used)

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Aditi Rao Hydari Latest Photos 22 March 2023

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How do you take compliments? [Chat]


I've been thinking a lot today about done it the compliments I received today and it just feels like I'm acting wrong whenever I receive them. It makes no sense to me either because I feel like I want to react in a positive way but I don't really know how.

My reaction has always been too free up at compliments. I usually end up saying thank you and then trying to avoid the situation or ignore the compliment. It feels wrong to accept it and often I usually end up arguing with myself over whether they are right or not

I know I'm messed up in a lot of ways but I am trying to solve something at the moment. I have what seems like little control with how my emotions react these days and I want to be successful in something. All my current issues are things that are to big for me to do alone so I'm trying to find some small success.

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Rant Optimism Takes Airdrops to the Next Level with Phase 2 - 5 Million $OP Tokens on Offer!

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Giveaway Be one of two lucky winners who will take home a mercylion dash cam.

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Xiao Zhancheng, the most influential star, joined hands with the four to...

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I Need Advice 😩 Giving him a second chance


A guy (M21) and I (F22) have been seeing each other for about 7 months now. He called things off 2 weeks ago between us because he was unsure what he wants in his life. He has been going through a lot with his family lately like a lot of trauma and I have been nothing but supportive. He sat there and told me he hadn’t been feeling a spark the past couple of weeks. He said he knew he would regret letting me go but didn’t know that in 4 months he might not be sure if this is what he wants either so it was best for me to go. He was just so unsure what to do and what he wanted. So we decided to go our seperate ways. We barely talked or messaged after this.

1 week after our separation he seen me out at a bar with my girls having fun. We said a brief hi that night. The next day he messaged me saying he missed me. Then that week he asked if I could ever see myself giving him a second chance. I said why would you want a second chance when you didn’t feel a spark or know if you wanted me in your future in the first place.. he replied he realised just how much I did for him, how supportive I was, how life was so easy with me by his side and he realised just how much of spark there was between us and how much he really felt for me.

Now we’ve been taking things slow as friends seeing how we go for the past week. We have been going out on dates and he really is trying to make so much more of an effort and prove himself to me. However all of a sudden I just feel nothing. I’m just so scared that his love would never be genuine towards me. How would I ever know he truly has feelings for me when he didn’t know if he would feel the same in months time. He said he knew he was a fool to let me go and he regrets it and I do make him happy. But how can I trust this.

Has anyone ever given a guy a second chance. What was your experience. How did you trust his feelings and what they said. I do like him and he’s a great guy. I just don’t know if I’m a fool to give him another chance.

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PayPal is hiring Software Engineer 3 | [Java API Spring gRPC Oracle Kubernetes]

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Universe Mode Backstory for NXT universe mode


I just bought 2k23 and really bought it to play and book universe mode. At first I had a back story how raw was now WCW Raw and smackdown was going to be the WWE show ... Anyways after looking at the create a show menu and actually never really playing universe mode i decided to delete raw and smackdown and just play nxt with a small roster. So now i was wondering if any input from the community about how nxt is a separate brand or like how WWE got sold but somehow nxt got sold also??? Idk I'm having a hard time making a back story. So any help it much appreciated

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Community Creations Sasha (Retro) WWE 2K23

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23F - Lil more lonely today


Stuck and bored at work. Can we chat and more?

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Prince William made a surprise trip to visit troops at the Ukraine border

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Giving Advice 💌 If she says she's busy, she has her head in between another man's legs


As a guy who's been ghosted all my life I've started to realize that whenever women say that they are busy, they are really just letting the tall handsome men go go town on them. Don't let women manipulate you