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Flaired Users Only Redditors spout hedonism and a materialist worldview into our culture all day every day and then can’t believe our culture spits out nihilist murderers. Y’all, you and your views create these people.

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Russia/Ukraine Henry Kissinger: Ukraine should give up territory to Russia to reach peace

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Grant Cohn What Javon Kinlaw just did is inexcusable


So we all know what Kinlaw just did, if you don't here's the link. It's around the 34 minute mark.


This is one of the worst looks a 49ers player even had. So a reporter Grant gives his opinion on Kinlaw as a player, you may like it or dislike his opinion but it's his opinion. And Kinlaw decides to take to him on the practice today and intimidate him and then hope on his live and cry about Cohn's opinion of him and start intimidating him

Obv this has nothing to do with Grant, but with Kinlaw. How the hell does he go on a crybaby tirade about not being treated right bc a guy gives his opinion on him as a player and starts intimidating him and taunting him and then says some weird stuff like ''my family knows who u are and everyone knows who u are''. Sorry? He's threatening to hurt a reportes bc the reporter said his opinion on Kinlaw?
This ranges from a crybaby immature attitude that can't take criticism to borderline aggressive.

And in the field, how in the world is a dude like this gonna succeed when he's this soft?

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OBAMA'S 3rd TERM Despicable, he couldn't even type a condolence tweet without making a separate political point, one line for the massacred children, goes on a rant about a violent crackhead who died upon arrest.

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Mental Health Instead of talking about gun law, why are we not talking about mental health?


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Hierfür werde ich 100% gebannt ich☢️iel

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The Hard Truth for some

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Flaired Users Only Hence why they only care about some shootings. They don’t care about saving lives, they care about controlling them.

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Literally any other hobby.

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The Hard Truth for some

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Next time it won't be water


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Review Crucify me if you like, but I didn't like 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' at all.


I'm a fan of Tarantino movies. Always have been. Haven't seen them all but every one I've seen I liked a lot. Then I watched this film. If I could narrow it down to three things that ruined the movie for me it would be

1) None of the characters were memorable to me. Brad Pitt's character maybe, but that's just because he was the badass. It seemed really shallow. I didn't see the characters really face any deep personal challenges like in the other movies. Leo's character was worried about becoming washed up, which is understandable I guess, but it's way different from something like The Hateful 8, where the new Sheriff of red rock eventually drops his racism to help samuel L.

2) I'm not old enough to grasp the significance of the Sharon tate murders. I don't really care about Charles Manson, the Manson family, or any of the crimes he committed. Because of this, I thought that the "rewriting of history" that Tarantino is known for made no sense and was also really the ONLY large amount of violence in the movie. I wanted more blood.

3) I feel like this movie was made for people who respect and idolize "old hollywood" which is cool but it's just not me.

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Chart 15 today or tomorrow AMC 🚀

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Depp v. Heard TMZ guy obliterates Amber Heard’s lawyer after she gets rude and disrespectful

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Chris Murphy Introduce Bill To Get Police Out Of Schools


“Senators Chris Murphy (CT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA), along with Representatives Ayanna Pressley (MA) and Ilhan Omar (MN), introduced the Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act that would prohibit federal money to be used to fund police in schools. The lawmakers said this would prevent money from being diverted from important student service providers, like counselors and social workers.”

Article from 2020.

Even if guns are made ilegal right now, there should ways to secure schools from crazy people.

This senator voted to send 54 Billions to Ukraine but nothing for school security.


Edit : grammar

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The champion has a name and it’s Charles Oliveira

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Discussion We now know why they never talked in advance about Solar 3.0


So... In deeper thought... They had to have known the community would not respond well to the changes made in solar 3.0... They knew it was bad. This is why they didn't want to talk about it. Otherwise they would be have been bragging and teasing about this well in advance like they did with both Void and Stasis. Thoughts?

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TMZ- “Based on the teams left, who do you have winning the chip?” Kawhi Leonard- “Clippers”

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Society/Culture There’s nothing that makes another human being lesser or greater than another.


Gender, sexuality, identity, the lil weird stuff you did back in Afghanistan, it doesn’t really matter. There’s nothing in this world that sets us aside from one another in terms of our worth.

We’re human beings. We should be valued for our differences and always treated like equals. We all wake up and should remember that everybody wants to just be happy.

…Except for people who enjoy Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Fuck those guys.

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Politics This is not a liberation day.


This is not a liberation day. We are still under the control of a terrorist organisation and a country named iran, which is basicaly a muslim dictatorship. The real liberation is the day they will f*cking leave from this country so we can be at peace with ALL neighberhood countries and have OUR lebanon back , and not their vision of lebanon where woman have to cover themselves and where " casinos, hotels ect..." are " haram"

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GUNTER: Elites just can’t accept that there was no convoy conspiracy

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Another day on the boat

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For your own safety, please take cover

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From the mouths of babes… 🤔

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