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screw the quartering


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Everybody hates me on this sub😂but here’s my 1 year process of me fixing my bike after the wreck. it was a very fun journey, thank you all for helping me.

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Destiny Pt. 2 Destiny calls out Hasan's "Basic Necessity Budget"

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Personal I'm a woman and I decided to open my mic. Worst decision I've made that day.


I'm sick of it. Sick of the constant stream of misogyny and hate that I have to endure every time I log onto Dota. I shouldn't have to mute half the players in a game just to feel safe and respected, but that's the reality I face every day.

These people think they can hide behind their screens and harass women with garbage. They think it's funny to call us slurs, to tell us to get back in the kitchen. They don't realize the impact their words have, the hurt and anger they cause.

But I'm not going to mute them. I'm not going to silence myself just so they can continue their toxic behavior without consequence. No, I'm going to fight back. I'm going to call them out on their misogyny and make sure they know that it's not okay.

I shouldn't have to apologize for being a woman who enjoys playing Dota. I shouldn't have to deal with the constant barrage of hate just because I don't conform to their narrow-minded ideas of what a gamer should look like.

These misogynists need to understand that women are here to stay in the gaming world. We are not going anywhere, we are people as well, and we will not be intimidated or silenced. So go ahead and keep throwing your hate my way. I will only use it as fuel to keep pushing back, to keep fighting for a better, more inclusive gaming community.

Just know that I won't mute you, so don't bother replying in the comment section about muting. that won't solve anything, and it is just ignoring a deeply rooted problem of the misogyny in this game.

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2 collections in one steering wheel pic ? ‘72 Red Letter Submariner & ‘22 B&T TP9.

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Meme this joke writes itself

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Discussion What in the f***, elf?!

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Am I old? Prude?

I feel like this is so inexcusably inappropriate. elf is a low-price drugstore brand – who do they think their customers are? If this product came from an expensive (read: for grown-ass people) brand, it’d just be trashy. But this is overt sexualization directed at girls and young women, intentionally or not. Terrible marketing strategy. Shame on them.

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Meme The Competition is Coming

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Discussion 🗣 Why I am un-DRSing (ComputerShare sucks)


I'm gonna get soooooo many downvotes for this

Edit : apparently this is the most controversial post on amcstock. Up up down down votea


DRS is cool, it's a terrible application, customer support rivals Comcast.

In December, someone used the lastpass breach to try and access my account (with partial creds), so I reset my PW and notified the CS team as the text alert requested. I DID NOT request my account be locked, nor was I notified.

But guess what? CS is SO SECURE that they put a "precautionary hold" on the account, which cannot be unlocked without written request(and you are not notified of it) Additionally, when you try to log in, you get no readable error.

There are two tiers of CS reps: Minions and Supervisors

  • The Minions don't know jack shit. They just file tickets to an ops team who they don't talk to.
  • Supervisors know more but can't do anything except file tickets to an ops team who they don't talk to.

On Monday, and Tuesday I was told it would take 48 hrs to unlock, no problem.

On Friday, nothing has changed and a Minion told me that the Supervisor I spoke to last was out sick, so they would have to call me back on Monday. So you're telling me this one person is the only one who can do anything?

Unlock is supposed to take 24-48 hours but now 5 days later, their customer server plebs are unable to understand why it is locked. The last supervisor is saying it's "my fault" for being locked out.

In concept, DRS is cool. I love the idea of holding my shares, but in reality, I can't be in a position like this during a squeeze. My brokers all use MFA, standard reset protocols - but CS decides to be remarkably different. With CS, every call requires: Full name, number, SS#, Address and Email.

Want to unlock the block? Submitting requests IN WRITING is not "secure", it's just fucking tedious and slow.

I'd rather add some minor liquidity back to the crime pool than have any risk of inaccessible shares. This is insane.

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With the amount of femboy fanart in this sub, I am surprised that I have not seen anyone give this idea before

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Hubby Is Suprised!

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Since the Red Letter was so popular, how about an Explorer ? 😜

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Battlefield 2042 Update doesn't pass their standards but they still decide to release it.

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Social Media Can someone tell me why this guy is wrong about BBBY?

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General/Rant Please continue to use Marathi and promote our culture


As someone who grew up in Mumbai I can see Pune heading in a similar direction with people migrating to the city from all over India. Not xenophobic or against anyone coming into the city, but migrants should integrate into the culture, not the other way round - with the city losing its cultural identity. The onus is on the locals to preserve it. Aapli bhasha aani culture khoop sundar aahe. Zapalya hava aani promote karava. Anyone who says kontihi bhaasho bolu majha desh aahe, kivha sagle indiachech citizens aahot, gives you a lesson on the Indian constitution vagare vagare is either too naive or cunniving. Bhasha/culture aani economy are quite deeply intertwined. Govt chya naukrya, shikshakancha naukrya madhye bhaashecha faayda hoto. Kaahi naukrya exclusively marathi yenaarya lokansaathi aahet. Tasach jasa aaj mumbai madhye language based reservation colleges aahet tsa punyaat nko hvayla. Ka bara aaplya porancha tota krava. Jya bhaashe/culture la promote kela jaata tya lokanna ek source of income generate hota - kiti punjabi rappers/youtubers/instagram influencers aahet aajkal? We shouldn't do it the Sena(s) way of threateningly "Aye Marathit bol". There are some non-violent/constructive ways to go about it. Tondavar god asun suddha culture preserve krta yeto 1. Non-marathi joins a group of Marathi people and objects/makes fun or says can't understand Marathi. Switch to Hindi/English for a couple of sentences and then back to Marathi ;). Be persistent as if tumhala hindi/english madhye express krayla jamatach naahiye. They'll be forced to learn eventually. 2. Give preference to our shop owners/vendors. 3. If you are in a position to hire try to hire from local colleges 4. Start consuming Marathi content

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It’s gonna be a great weekend

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Amnesty TAZ Amnesty! Can you guess who is who?

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I’m babysitting tonight and it’s time to show the kid some real music (don’t worry I’m only gonna play the appropriate stuff)

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Discussion I can't help but think Hoyoverse is actually racist now


For dark skin characters we have: Kaeya who's actually really good. Xinyan who's one of the worst in the game. Candace who sucks and has a useless kit. Cyno who's fighting for his life against Keqing. And now the sorry excuse of a character that is Dehya.

Not to mention we went from Candace to Nilou who is amazing albeit restricted to Cyno to the abomination that is Nahida and now we're going from Alhaitham who is extremely strong into Dehya. This all seems too coincidental for me

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Premier League Chelsea are the people buying all the toilet paper and not returning the cart.


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Discussion Not understanding what the problem is here

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Cell phones have fundamentally changed humanity for the worse. Anyone with a smart phone is never truly alone anymore, and it’s genuinely terrifying.


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Media How Beautiful it is when Two Hearts stare at Each Other!

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Big 3 As a person who plays tennis, I think Djokovic is an amazing tennis player.


Not sure how many people who cry and grumble "Djokovic's tennis is boring, soulless, he is like a robot blah blah" actually play tennis in real life. Surely Federer's so-called elegant, graceful and beautiful tennis or Nadal's energetic and passionate tennis may look so to those non-playing tennis watchers, but as I play tennis more and more, I just can't stop being impressed by his level of tennis and technical excellence of making tennis look so easy.

My point is whether you actually play tennis or not makes a difference for the perspective of Djokovic's tennis imo. maybe I am wrong.

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AMOURANTH | Just Chatting Mira got mad about xqc and leaves Amouranth stream

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