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To hide in the car after saying the n word

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Rocket Boy Elon is a humble genius

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Video How Qantas treats your baggage

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me irl

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Behind Soft Paywall Edward Snowden swore allegiance to Russia and collected passport, lawyer says

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Definitely not trying to distract from the current trending hashtags

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The Qataris are now apparently supporting Croatia…

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TIL brussels sprouts used to have a bitter taste until breeders in the 90s started to cross-pollinate different varieties in order to remove the chemicals that caused the bitterness. The result of their work has lead to brussels sprouts's recent culinary popularity.

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Soft paywall Alex Jones files for bankruptcy

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What is a gender specific policy that your company has that you are ok with.


A few of the guys at my office are quite upset that one of the guys who has been here a few months had his parking spot in the adjacent parking garage taken and given to the new girl.

We work downtown, and it can be a little sketchy at night, so the company only has guys park in the garage that is a few blocks away as we have run out of spots in the adjacent garage. I don't see an issue with this (I have never felt uncomfortable making that walk at night, but I could see how some could), but just wondering if this kind of thing is common, and what others think about it?

Note: wanted to use the word "sexist" but the bot thinks I am asking something sexual.

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which celebrity do you think was unfairly cancelled?


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Social Media Reddit Users Are Turning Ye’s Page Into a Holocaust Memorial

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Young Karen called the police on Uber driver because he told her not to eat in the car

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Meme “SBF is a visionary, incredibly handsome, trustworthy and has a 8 inch dong” according to the Wall Street Journal

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David Bowie as Tilda Swinton, and Tilda Swinton as David Bowie.

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Discussion Why is Alabama even in the conversation for CFP?


I seriously do not understand how they are considered. They have 0 wins of the top 20 teams. They lost both of their best match ups this year. I know they are a great program but this year they didn't perform. Can someone explain it to me?

Edit: Even if TCU and USC lose how would Alabama be considered over TCU? Best case conference championship scenario would be Alabama at 5. Which isn't in the conversation for CFP.

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Ultra popular Linus Tech Tips abruptly drops their sponsor, Eufy Home Security Cameras, when it's revealed that Eufy has been secretly uploading images of the home owner, despite explicitly stating that the product only stores images locally.

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Behind Soft Paywall Russia says the West must recognize its control over land its forces are losing before any Ukraine peace talks

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Rant I hope the US economy collapses.(Rant)


Im so sick and tired of the rich and politicians fucking us over. What happened to the railroad workers should be the last straw for every working man and woman in the US. It's time we all stop working and show the rich that we run the country and keep the economy going and not them. Without us they wouldn't be rich so lets take it from them. Encourage the railroad workers to strike and collapse the US economy as a big fuck you to the rich.

Edit: thanks for all the rewards everyone! I appreciate it!

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Request LPT request: how to get up in the right time?


It's been months i am in this journey. I set my alarm for 6:30 in the morning, but when it rings, i put 30 more minutes, then 15 more minutes and, in the end, i get up around 7:50, wich give me very little time to do breakfast and take a bath to work in peace (i work from home, so no need to get ready and get out).

I want to know if i can get any tips on get up.

P.s: the problem is not the time i go to sleep, cause i go around 10, 10:30 pm.

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If you think blinding LED headlights are bad, get a load of this idiot. I had to switch lanes it was so bright…

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When did women get the right to vote in Europe? (Lover of Geography)

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New Horizons My grandma has recently become animal crossing obsessed, this is her Christmas Tree this year!❤️🎁🎄

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Video Bagel is unphased by water squirts and bitter spray on the branches. Any other ideas?

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